Based on a novel, written by the Medieval Author, GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO, ” THE DECAMERON, ” consist of a COLLECTION of 100 NOVELLAS, as told by three young women and two young men, who’ve ESCAPED THE BLACK DEATH, when they’ve found shelter, in a secluded villa, outside of Florance, Italy.  

     Stories of EROTIC & TRAGIC LOVE, WIT, PRACTICAL JOKES, to LIFE’S LESSONS, were told in this CLASSIC, however, it took a PROG ROCK MASTER, such as MARCO BERNARD, who BROUGHT THOSE STORIES TO LIFE, when 34 Bands have collaborated on this project, back in 2011 on ” DECAMERON – Ten Days in 100 Novellas ” and ” DECAMERON – Ten Days in 100 Novellas PT 2 ” back in 2014, including THE SAMURAI OF PROG, UNITOPIA, STEVE UNRUH, NEXUS, ROBERT WEBB, and many more…..

     BE AWARE, for ” DECAMERON 3 ” IS IN THE WORKS!!!!!! 

     And now, an UPDATE from MARK TRUEACK:  

          Hi All, 

               ” Finally worked on the final lead vocals for ‘ MERCENARIES, ‘ which is part of the DECAMERON 3 PROJECT.  Matt is a true professional, who made me work really hard to get the best sound out of me.  “

               ” I’m very pleased with the results.  As we speak, Steve Unruh and I are adding some nice vocal and harmony arrangements presently in the United States.  ” 

     From ” DECAMERON 2, ” here’s a RARE & EPIC song by UNITOPIA, that will ENTRANCE YOU with one of the tales of intrigue, called, ” DAY 6 NINTH TALE, ” as displayed on this YOUTUBE LINK:


     STAY TUNNED!!!!