Earlier this year Dutch neo-proggers Timelock released their brand new album Sygn Yn with considerable commercial success. The album was their first full-length album in 14 years. While the band is preparing for their first live shows in eons and recording the follow-up to Sygn Yn the back catalog will be re-released on CD.

The first rerelease is Louise Brooks. Originally released in 1992 the album is remastered by MHX Music. The album is extended with Touchdown from the SI Compilation Disc Too and two previously unreleased early tracks. The current band line-up has rerecorded The Séance in a new version. The second CD contains the full concert at Planet Pull III in Uden from 1995. (On the digital platforms the CD will be released separately.)
The back catalog from the band will be released with a 3 months gap between each release. Each rerelease will also contain at least one new recording by the current lineup. These rerecordings will be released as a compilation album mid-2023.

Louise Brooks [2022 edition] 2CD

1. Love Triangle 
2. The Killing 
3. Secret Mission 
4. Someday 
5. Louise Brooks 
6. Welcome To Welfare 
7. P.I. Exit 
8. Genoa 
9. Skyline 
10. The Seance 
[bonus tracks]
11. Touchdown 
12. The Seance [2022 version] 
13. Change 
14. Back On My Feet Again 

Live at Planet Pul III
15. Emotional Target [live version] 
16. No Man’s Land [live version] 
17. PI Exit [live version] 
18. Napoleon Bonaparte [live version] 
19. Welcome To Welfare [live version] 
20. Between Dusk And Dawn [live version] 
21. Love Triangle [live version] 
22. The Seance [live version]

Release date: 8 September 2022
Further release calendar:
The Dawn – December 2022
Circle of Deception – April 2023
Buildings – June 2023
Unlocked (the best of) – September 2023
New album – Autumn 2023