Hello you!

I’ve accidentally written a song that makes a contemporary political point. I didn’t mean to, honest!

Rubble and Dust is the heaviest metal thing I’ve released yet, outside of my instrumental album Murder and Parliament. It’s about a nightmarish sci-fi future where our leaders have gone mad. I wrote it years ago but releasing it now makes it seem like I’m making a comment on politics, what with there being so many madmen in or near power at the moment.

Maybe I am… No, I’m not.

I almost considered it for Happy People – thematically it fits but it didn’t quite have a place there.

The other song is Run, a song about love as the world ends. Which I’m sure is a theme I’ve written about more than once.

You can ‘ave ’em for no money at all. Or a million pounds, it’s up to you. Click here to listen.

Thanks for listening!

Tom Slatter