Dear music lovers, followers, and random passers-by,

Summertime often comes along with gathering the thoughts and emotions, accumulating the energy – and this is what I’m up to now. 2018 was very productive when it comes both to side projects and contemplating the ways for Transport Aerian’s further actions, so I wanted to share with you both the retrospective of my other projects, in case you’d miss them and the perspective the way I see it now.

Transport Aerian is not (and has never been) the only project I’m involved in – musically and spiritually. Since the release of my second child’s Fabulae Dramatis second album, Solar Time’s Fables, I’ve been extensively gigging with them,, an effort to put their avant-garde tinted progressive metal onto the bigger scale of visibility. Our collective effort seems to have worked, as the band played in many great venues around the country.

The second project I’ve joined recently is the metal band Bicephalous, in which I let my inner beast out both vocally and choreographically, and happen to write a lion share of lyrics, bringing my own personality into otherwise already ready-to-go setting. They’re curious fellows, promising musically, so I quite enjoy putting some of their works to the highlight and bringing the elements of my own spirit to what they work on. What you might also find a curious bit of information, is that we are working to arrange several less complex, pre-Bleeding songs that I wrote and released by Transport Aerian in 2008-2009. These songs seem to do well in the context of Bicephalous metal insanity, as unexpected as it sounds. These ideas are yet to be tested on stage, but it already sounds rather promising on the rehearsals.

The downside of this upside was that I had few to no time to set up any live plans to support Therianthrope and I eventually called a day for such plans entirely, focusing on other ideas. Frankly, Transport Aerian, despite sporadic and sometimes reasonably noticeable shows, was designed mainly as a studio effort, and it often is impossible to bring it onto the stage due to logistic and technical limitations. However, busy times and hard times always create the ideas. A lot of local touring with other bands and in the other genre contexts have created connections to the people with similar – or at least – close musical minds.

There were a lot of lyrical concepts emerging during these months introspectively, but I have also met an incredible amount of talented and open-minded musicians, with some of whom I am currently discussing the plans of cooperation in terms of ideology, that is only known as of Transport Aerian’s. Hence, there is a big chance that the next album or even live incarnation of the band will have new faces and new names on it, hopefully, alongside with some of those who shared the studio space with me in past.

Never being a project to remain in the comfort zone of what has already been said, Transport Aerian is currently contemplating the ways of stepping into less explored (and maybe slightly heavier) musical territories, and that – as with any evolution process – takes time and energy, which I drip by drip let sink into the fruitful soil of darker thoughts on personal and global occurrences of today’s world. The working title and some lyrical ideas are already written down and burning in my mind, but I won’t be sharing it just yet, because I often tend to change many things a couple of times in the working process: it happened with every album I’ve made so far.

That said, there will still be a considerable waiting time before I can drag myself and the others into a recording studio to shape the new album, so I’m working around for some compensations for those who are waiting for new music to be born. While we’re getting ready to announce the work in progress and throw in first bits and pieces of information, I’m happy to inform you, that Transport Aerian’s section on Melodic Revolution Records store is now fully updated with all three recent studio albums’ physical copies, including the very last remaining handmade limited editions of Therianthrope in its special package, the few remaining copies of Bleeding with Tanja Bogocharova’s prints and some Darkblue.

Last but not least, We’re considering to make a sort of legacy set of shows and release all the previously unreleased material, including music and artworks, but related to the different era’s in one box set, although this idea still remains on the stage of planning and negotiation.

And so you will have more from us in the coming months, but now it’s summertime, so let’s enjoy the living’s easy.

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