Therianthrope is an album, whose themes are dedicated to the emotions of the mind, torn by different assets of mental illness in the context of quickly developing the world on the brink of the war, social and economic catastrophe. Besides the conventional music pieces, Therianthrope also features The Abstract Symphony, a set of songs and instrumental pieces based on a blind improvisation by the team of guest musicians. Nobody knew what the other musician would play, as they were only given a theme to describe and photographs to emphasize the visual in the sound. For the first time,

This album features numerous guest musicians, including Paul Sax (Curved Air, Praying for The Rain), Elvya (Ayreon, Elvya), Marco Ragni (solo), Peter Matuchniak (Gekko Project), JoJo Razor (Gekko Project), Dyian, Stef Flaming (Murky Red, Andy John Bradford’s Ocean 5), Darren Brush, Stefan Boeykens and Rachel Bauer.

The cover artwork and visuals included in the limited-edition issue are made by Jess Telmatt and Rachel Bauer from the sketches and concepts by Hamlet himself.

Catalog No. MRRCD 22147
Format. CD & Digital
Packaging. Limited Edition Die-Cut Package

Therianthrope Track Listing
1. Smirking Sirens
2. Pitchfork Martyrs
3. Let You Never Perish
4. Destroy Me
5. Abstract Symphony I Information Field
6. Abstract Symphony II Saturate
7. September
8. Abstract Symphony III: Lovemeat
9. Eternal Guilt
10. Abstract Symphony IV: Poor Things Need (A Common Interest)
11. Lions
12. Abstract Symphony V Immortals
13. Last Years Of Peace

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