Fans need a StageIt account to watch the show.

Streaming Live:
We hope you will join us at the UCPAC Virtual Stage for the UnCancelled Music Festival!

The UnCancelled Music Festival brings together musicians, fans and venues from around the globe affected by the COVID-19 crisis for a virtual concert experience to help sustain the music industry during this trying and unprecedented time.

To participate, fans need to create an account on StageIt and then purchase (using PayPal as a member or guest) $5 worth of StageIt Notes. 10 notes = $1. You can then buy a ticket to any of our shows for 1 note, which is 10 cents. Yes, just 10 cents. Although you can choose to pay more and tip during the show, the pay what you want concept is designed to maximize access to the shows in these difficult times.

Once you have your notes, click on over to to see showtimes and buy tickets. I have been told that it works better if you copy and paste this link into your browser. Apparently, the StageIt website doesn’t like all that click-tracking info that gets tacked on when you click through from Facebook.

During the show, you can chat with the other fans and with the artists, when they aren’t actively playing. Shows are 30-45 minutes long, and all start on the hour. This week’s shows all start at 5, 6, 7 and 8PM US Eastern time. Some days in the upcoming weeks will also have a 9PM show, and maybe even one or two at 10PM.

Join us and I promise you will get to see some of your favorites and discover some new artists you will want to follow! That is the goal of any music festival! Come for one and stay for, and enjoy, all!

For those with the means, this festival is also designed to raise money for the musicians and venues who are participating and for the greater music community. A portion of the proceeds from each show goes to MusiCares, the Recording Academy’s Foundation, which provides financial support and addiction help for struggling musicians all the time, but has a special relief program going on right now during this unprecedented pandemic to help all of the music professionals who have lost work.

Join us for this great adventure in “live” music! We all look forward to getting back to gathering with friends and staging live shows and events, but for now…

Share! Tell your friends! Make this HUGE! #livemusicisbetter

Please note: the StageIt credit card processor has gone tilt! When purchasing Notes, use the PayPal option. You do not have to have a PayPal account. You can use a credit or debit card as a guest.

Line-ups for Future DatesPlease note that line-ups may occasionally change, so keep checking the Facebook events for updates.

Friday, April 10 (times are US Eastern) 5:00 PM – Julie Slick 6:00 PM – Between Dreams 7:00 PM – Cristina Vane 8:00 PM – Mile Marker Zero

Saturday, April 11 (times are US Eastern) 5:00 PM – Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella 6:00 PM – Jason Damico 7:00 PM – Gary Stockdale 8:00 PM – Bob Malone

Tuesday, April 14( times are US Eastern )5:00 PM – Annie Stoic of Jackknife Stiletto 6:00 PM – Evan Walton 7:00 PM – Bob Richardson of Cell15 8:00 PM – Dauzat St. Marie

Wednesday, April 15 (times are US Eastern) 5:00 PM – Jean Pageau of Mystery 6:00 PM – Ian Cattell of Brit Floyd 7:00 PM – Walter Ino 8:00 PM – Charles Denle

Sunday April 19th (times are US Eastern) at 5pm Dyanne Potter Voegtlin of Pottes Daughter

A message from Tom Palmieri…
Hey ProgStockers! As you know, attending a live music event is…well, not possible now (nor recommended, even if possible somewhere), and for how much longer, we don’t really know for sure. Everyone, everywhere on Earth has been and will be greatly affected in many ways, of course, by this pandemic, and I sincerely wish the very best for you and your families and friends, wherever you may be. During this unprecedented upheaval in our society, each of us will do what we can to help people in some way…if we have the wherewithal to do so. Every little bit helps…and no amount of help is too little.

Some of those who are suffering right now are the independent musicians many of us know and love, and the independent music promoters and venue owners (and their workers) who rely upon our attendance at live music events to make a living. There are quite a few good ideas out there for how to help such folks, and I’d like to draw your attention to one of those here.

Our very own Ann Rinaldi has worked quite hard this week to connect musicians (including some ProgStock Festival alums) and our favorite venue, The Union County Performing Arts Center, with this very cool “virtual festival”, and I hope you can find the time to attend these performances and provide as much financial support as you can. Again, every little bit helps…and no amount is too small. These events will happen every week for as long as possible (and as long as needed). Details about the UnCancelled Music Festival and how it benefits musicians and venues can be found on their website and their FB page.

As music lovers and supporters “locked down” in our home, Ann and I both know that these performances might be just what many of you need at this time. Please, have a look…and join us if you can!