Just read https://powerofprog.com/group/awesome-band-of-the-day/forum/topics/attention-artists-who-haven-t-uploaded-any-songs-to-power-of-prog?xg_source=activity and want to share a few view points:

To quote Len “By not sharing your music you’re missing out on a great opportunity to expose your creations to precisely the audience who will enjoy them the most & tell their friends!”

Indeed! wholeheartedly agree.

Regarding the following “topic headings” I’d like to respond to as a group:

“I don’t think my music &/or sound quality is good enough.”“I only have demos & am waiting to record better versions before sharing them.” –  “I’ve uploaded excerpts/previews …isn’t that good enough?” –  “What if people make fun of my music?”

This may sound old/cliched to some but its truth is undeniable, “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression.”

This isn’t a reference to quality necessarily, it’s about being “satisfied” with your performance. Everyone’s technical abilities vary but as everyone knows, the tools are out there to “even the playing field”, so to speak. All our composing/recording efforts are about capturing a performance, honing that into a product for people to enjoy and then being able to reproduce that performance live, etc.

It’s true that POP members will/should be open/supportive of your music. But do you really want people to hear something that is not your very best effort? I personally don’t. Now it’s subjective whether someone agrees it’s your best effort or like it. But if you feel you did your best then you made the best first impression you could. I read recently (can’t remember exactly where) that a producer (i think) told a band they couldn’t leave the studio until they did the very best they could do. Think of your music the way well known “pro” artists do. They may prerelease singles off an upcoming album or provide excerpts but they’re always top quality. And (in my experience) you never hear rough demos and the like until a Special Edition is released.


I’m afraid people will steal my music.” The PoP music players have no ability to download music.”

Untrue (at least in IE on a windows machine, specifically XP) When you listen to a song in the player the data (partial to full) is downloaded to a folder called “Temporary Internet Files”. The mp3 will be there and can be copied elsewhere. Its availability is based on your cache settings.

Len says, “If the threat of intellectual property theft is a major stressor for you then hide your music from the world, foregoing any possible benefits, or have it copyrighted so you can sue if anyone makes a million dollars from your ideas.”

Everyone should realize that when you record (or tab) an original idea that idea is immediately copyrighted to you. It’s the “expression” of an idea that’s copyrighted. What he’s referring to is filing at uspto.gov (United States Patent and Trademark Office) or the equivalent in your country, to bolster any future copyright claim. But Metadata Is Your Friend (too)! Ensure you enter all the specific info on your mp3s etc and you can rest a little easier. But let’s face it, our songs may be copyrightable but an “idea” is not. However, you have complete freedom to explore whatever inspires you.