Valdez is a four piece art-rock band from Philadelphia, they released their debut album entitled ‘This’ in the spring of 2017

Bands are constantly evolving entities. When I first got together with the guys in Valdez, I had become accustomed to moving very fast when it came to recording and releasing music. Indeed, the first Valdez record was recorded in a pretty compact period of time (two weeks of tracking and one week of mixing) but we’d had the luxury of playing much of the material live before heading into the studio.

For the second record, I had planned for us to record first so that we could release the album over the summer of this year (2019). That plan has undergone a revision as both personal matters and (like Pink Floyd) the band dynamic of needing to play the tracks live beforehand, means we’re unlikely to get anything completed this year.

It’s sad but we’re all devastatingly handsome and we’ll deal with it somehow.

So for the first time in almost three years, I’m only going to be releasing one album this year and that will be the fifth and last volume of The Black Bag Archive, in December.

That’s totally cool as I’d rather we do it well as a group, rather than quickly as individuals running to my thrash metal production metronome. 🙂

It’ll be done when it’s done.

The band is:
Simon Godfrey, Vocals & Guitars
Tom Hyatt, Bass
Joe Cardillo, Keyboards
Scott Miller, Drums

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