Verbal Delirium

Pre-orders for ‘The Imprisoned Words Of Fear’, the new album from Greek progressive rock combo Verbal Delirium, ahead of release worldwide on 7th October 2016.

This, the band’s third album, is the latest instalment in their musical evolution – still grounded in the Seventies school of progressive rock, but incorporating heavier elements from metal and the intricate instrumentation and strong melodic grounding of jazz.

Jargon’s impeccable songwriting is still at the core, supported by a talented band of musicians (including Ciccada’s Nikolas Nikolopoulos on flute, sax and Mellotron) and co-produced, as ever, by Leonidas Petropoulos.

‘The Imprisoned Words Of Fear’ is available in Digpak CD – with superb design by Dimitris Tzortzis of Immensa Artis – and digital download formats.

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Check out Cubic‘s apocalyptic video for the lead track ‘Images From A Grey World’ on YouTube –