Almost 50 years after the version of ELP and 100 years after Ravel’s orchestral version we proudly announce a new decade of jazz-rock meets classical music, grand piano meets distortion synthesizer, singer-songwriter meets freak out!
– Marcus Schinkel

Voyager IV is a German progressive space rock band with elements of Classical & Jazz music…

Cover Design & Layout by Lieve Vanderschaeve

Track List
01. Promenade
02. Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuyle (From My Point Of View )
03. Gnomus
04. Il Vecchio Castello (Photophobia)
05. Promenade II (From The Land Of Feathers)
06. Tuileries
07. Bydlo (The Bullock Cart) 
08. Lucky Man
09. Catoacombae/Cum Mortus In Lingua Mortua 
10. Baba Yaga
11. The Great Gates Of Kiev (Daedalus Calling)
12. Talk To The Wind

Production Notes
Arranged by Marcus Schinkel & Johannes Kuchta
Recorded October 14-19 2018 at EMI / Maarwegstudio Cologne, Germany by John Caffery, Chris Gardiner, and Franz-Wieland Filtz
Produced, mixed, and mastered by John Caffery
Co-produced by Marcus Schinkel & Johannes Kuchta

Band Members
Marcus Schinkel: Piano & keyboards 
Johannes Kuchta: Vocals & Drums 
Fritz Roppel: Bass
Wim de Vries: Drums

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Watch the promo live vido Il Vecchio Castello (Photophobia) here.