NeverWake signs a multi-album deal with US label Melodic Revolution Records

NeverWake covers a lot of ground between Rock and Metal and have been described as blend of “Bullet for my Valentine” and “Trivium”.  The bands sophomore album “SleepWalker” is an epic album crafted at Innovation Studios with producer and engineer Mike Ofca and mastered under legendary engineer Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.

Their style is a sinew of melodic vocals and dark guitar harmonies overtop a heavily distorted foundation. Through breakdowns and shredding leads underneath an eerie “Burtonesque” theme, they strive to unite the genres they cover.  “SleepWalker” is an amplification of NeverWake’s haunting sound, immersing the listener into a sea of instrumental complexity, including faster riffs, technical drum patterns and harmonized melodic vocality.

But there’s a twist…
This is the first step into NeverWake’s semi-conceptual series of albums. Unlike most concept albums, the music can be felt and understood regardless of knowing the underlying story. Each song on “Sleepwalker” is open for individual interpretation and stands on its own, but also has a fitting place within the script. This gives listeners a chance to enjoy the music with or without knowing the developed themes. Walk with us as the story comes to life. NeverWake has started working on their yet untitled upcoming release, in this series. NeverWake came to our attention via Dino Giovannone and Joe Macre at Atomic Cowboy Productions and Management; we feel this band is the perfect fit for Melodic Revolution Records as our goal has always been to take in great untapped hard working talent and work hand in hand to reach the next level. NeverWake has the potential of becoming the next big international act and touring band with their brand of rock-n-roll and strong musical skills.

In a Statement from the Band:
“We would like to thank Melodic Revolution Records for taking interest and believing in NeverWake. We also would like to thank Atomic Cowboy Productions for picking us up and making this connection possible. Most importantly we want to thank our family friends and fans. We promise to bring great things to all people affiliated with NeverWake. Let’s make more awesome music!”

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