This morning April, 28th, 2017 many of you fans and followers of Ayreon who ordered the new album The Source woke up to this email in your inbox. Thus there has been some nasty backlash in some social media communities. You WILL get your order. BE PATIENT !!!!! Since this is our Album Of The Week this information is provided as a courtesy.

Email Notification From Mascot Label Group To Customers 

Dear Ayreonauts,
Here’s some important news about your Ayreon-The Source pre-order, placed after April 11.
Last month we shipped out a few containers with signed Ayreon items to our fulfillment center in Albany, NY. We even included some extra stock to cover additional orders. Well, between that shipment and today, we received so many orders that even more extra items have to be shipped over. Thank you very much for your enormous support for Ayreon.
We expect to have everything at our fulfillment partner MerchNow by mid-May. MerchNow will pack and send out your order. Our order system is not linked to them, so you will receive 2 shipping notifications: One from MerchNow, one from MLG.
Of course, this means that you will not receive The Source on the release day, April 28. We are very sorry about this, but we simply did not expect this overwhelming demand. We really, really, really appreciate your support for Ayreon, and we thank you for your patience while you wait for your Source-goodies to arrive.
Until MerchNow has processed your order, we are not able to give you a status update. Please don’t ask us where your order is, or if it has been shipped. We simply have to wait until MerchNow gets back to us with an update. It’s also not possible anymore to update your order, t-shirt size or address.
Again, our sincere apologies for the delay. We hope you like… No, you WILL like The Source!
Kind regards,
The friendly folks of the MLG Webstore


After calling around the USA to various music retailers both offline and online I have compiled a very short list to those who just have to have a copy right now. Due to customs here in the United States of America the order has been delayed to both individuals and retailers. Thus the reason for the very short list. PLEASE ALLOW Mascot Label Group and US Customs the proper time to bring shipment into country. Mascot Label Group HAS NO CONTROL over US Customs. The list of retailers are below as follows.


Lasers Edge – Voorhees New Jersey

Silver Platters – Seattle Washington

Barnes & Noble Bookstores