Featured Album of The Week // Open Skies Exploding // Brett William Kull


Track Listing

1. My House is Loud 05:23
2. Three Walls 02:48
3. Dublin Rooftops 04:16
4. Hard Dying Time 06:22
5. Railroad Self 02:27
6. Punch of the Day 04:19

Songs released  between December 24th 2016 thru January 2017. Third solo album from Brett William Kull

All music and lyrics by Brett William Kull (copyright 2016) except where noted Produced, arranged, played, sung, recorded, mixed and mastered by Brett Kull except where noted.

Mixed and mastered at Catapult Sound

Album cover photo by Wm Schwartz ~ Dec 2016


About Brett William Kull
Brett  is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer from the United States. He is best known for being a founding member of the band Echolyn, and long standing member of Grey Eye Glances. Brett is also an adjunct college instructor sharing his love for audio engineering and sound design.Follow Brett:

Featured Album // Dunno by Owane

Making this album took way longer time than expected, all songs were finished by March 2016, but endless problems occurred all the time once the post production started. Besides all problems, it’s been fun experimenting with “new styles”. Released December 19, 2016


Violins on «Rekt» & «Summer Jam» by Hugo Hilde
Vocals on «Defenestration» by Alexander Andersen
Arrangements on «Quitting The Gym» by VNGR

Written, programmed and recorded by Owane
Recording Engineer: Josef 7
Mixed and mastered by Simon Grove (Nerve Studios)
Artwork by Josef 7 & Owane

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Equator // Silent Island // Featured Album of the Week

Silent Island

1. Harbour 03:49
2. Whales and waves 03:43
3. Equator 04:12
4. The old frigate 03:50
5. Southern sky 03:16

Csarnogurszky István – guitars, songwriting
Farkas Dávid – bass guitar (Whales and waves, Equator, The old frigate), drum programming (Whales and waves, The old frigate)
Károlyi Gábor – bass guitar (Harbour)
Kalamár Ádám – drum programming (Harbour)
Drumloops in “Equator” by Mike Vecchione.

Released November 8, 2016

Mixed and mastered by Kalamár Ádám.
Very special thanks to Kapiller Ferenc.

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Last Knight // Talking to the Moon // Featured Album of The Week



01. Overture from Talking To The Moon
02. An Ancient Tale
03. The Lunatic Waltz
04. Underworld
05. Moonrider
06. Staring At The Moon
07. Sleepwalkers
08. City Of Light
09. Ghost Town
10. Beyond The Milky Way
11. La Cathedrale Noire
12. Moonwalking
13. Luna
14. Twilight
15. Plenilunio
16. Exile Of The Night
17. Day’s End
18. In The Dark
19. The Sorcerer
20. Us Against The World
21. Crepusculo

01. The Moon
02. Midnight
03. The Dream
04. Guilty
05. Gypsy Moon
06. Talking To The Moon
07. Living On The Edge Of The Night
08. Sleep Well
09. A Candle In The Night
10. The Face Behind The Veil
11. Darkness Falls
12. Insomnia
13. The Holder Of Dreams
14. The Nightmare
15. The White Side Of The Moon
16. Requiem
17. Eastern Moon
18. Anima
19. The Sorcerer
20. Hypnosis
21. Mors Ultima Linea Rerum Est

01. New Beginning
02. Night Hunter
03. Drive
04. Fragment
05. Nocturna
06. After Midnight
07. Night’s Dream
08. The Long Journey
09. Dark Moon
10. Eclipse
11. Farewell
12. Requiem Of Man
13. Redemption
14. Mein Freund
15. Eternity
16. The Man and The Moon
17. Lullaby
18. Finale

Deluxe edition with sixty songs all related to the night and the Moon. Coordinated by Jose Manuel Medina as main producer and presented by David Rohl as executive producer. It combines vast orchestral music with progressive rock, new age, celtic music, classical, ambient, pop, hard rock, etc…

Seven years were needed to complete the production of the entire album. With an approximate duration of 227 minutes, the collection has a great variety of musical colors. The combination of musicians from very different styles gave rise to the immortalization of beautiful musical landscapes throughout. The repertoire is enriched by the talents of great figures such as David Rohl, Ashley Mulford, Theo Travis, Troy Donockley, Marc Atkinson, Lisa Fury, Geoffrey Richardson and many more…

Produced by Jose Manuel Medina & Others
Executive Producer: David Rohl
Mastered and Engineered by Pablo Lato
Orchestral parts by The Somnus Symphony Orchestra
Artwork by James Lobaco.

David Rohl: Main Vocals, Piano & Orchestrations
Marc Atkinson: Main Vocals
Lisa Fury: Main Vocals
Julia Malyasova: Main Vocals
Yann Zhenchak: Main Vocals
Esther Yuste: Main Vocals
Ashley Mulford: Electric Guitars
Troy Donockley: Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle & Electric Guitars
Cindy L. Spear: Lyricist
Theo Travis: Tenor Sax & Flute
Geoffrey Richardson: Viola, Violin, Piano, Keyboards & Percussion
Eduardo G. Salueña: Keyboards, Piano, Rhodes & Hammond
John Falcone: Alto Sax & Bassoon
Rafa Yugueros: Drums
Israel Sánchez: Electric Guitars
Sergio García: Acoustic Guitars & Mandolins
Jairo Carrandi: Electric Guitars
Colin Mold: Violin & Piano
Robert R. Gerrard: Main Vocals, Uilleann Pipes, Keyboards & Bass
Pedro Víctor Martínez: Bass
Mario Herrero: Keyboards & Piano
Martin Gudd: Keyboards
Viriu Fernández: Bouzouki
Borja Baragaño: Flute
Elena Miró: Cello
Julian Julien: Keyboards
Juan Antonio Martínez: Alto Sax
Emilio Gutiérrez: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond
Pablo Lato: Bass, Guitars, Background vocals & Percussion
Nelson Pombal: Electric Guitars
Jose Manuel Medina: Keyboards, Piano, Drums & Orchestrations

Big Big Train // A Stone’s Throw from the Line // Featured Album of the Week

Three times Progressive Music Awards winners, Big Big Train, returned to live performance in 2015 after a 17 year absence from the stage. A Stone’s Throw from the Line is Big Big Train’s first live album and features the best performance of each song played at the band’s three sold-out London shows in August 2015.


 A Stone's Throw from the Line by Big Big Train
A Stone’s Throw from the Line Track Listing
1. Make Some Noise (Live) 05:21
2. The First Rebreather (Live) 08:32
3. The Underfall Yard (Live) 21:56
4. Uncle Jack (Live) 04:13
5. Victorian Brickwork (Live) 13:38
6. Kingmaker (Live) 11:09
7. Wassail (Live) 08:08
8. Summoned by Bells (Live) 09:08
9. Judas Unrepentant (Live) 09:42
10. Curator of Butterflies (Live) 08:20
11. East Coast Racer (Live) 16:32
12. Hedgerow (Live) 09:11


Nick D’Virgilio, Dave Gregory, David Longdon, Danny Manners, Andy Poole, Greg Spawton, Rikard Sjoblom, Rachel Hall


The Mercury Tree // Permutations // Album Of The Week

About The Mercury Tree
If a space dragon got together with Sigur Ros’ cousin, and they had a baby that liked to explore the emotional and cinematic dynamics of Stanley Kubrick’s films while incredibly sleep deprived... then that baby might grow up to be a metaphor for the music of The Mercury Tree. This experimental Portland trio, formed in 2006, specialize in creative overuse of their effect pedals. Their latest material includes extensive live looping work, creating huge enveloping layers of sound. At best, they fuse the oddball rhythms and technicality of progressive music with a genuine sense of melody and emotion. Their newest album, Permutations, was Released in March 2016.

The Mercury Tree

1. Symptoms 06:59
2. Exhume the Worst 04:56
3. Permutations 10:42
4. Ether/Ore 04:08
5. Placeholder 04:32
6. Unintelligible 05:06
7. Sympathesizer 04:42 video
8. Seek and Release 05:46
9. Prometheist 09:00
10. Deep Five 10:32
The Mercury Tree
Ben Spees: guitar, keyboard, voice
Connor Reilly: drums
Oliver Campbell: bass, voice
Special Guests:
Aaron Clark: space guitar (7, 10)
Tony Mowe: alto and baritone saxophone (4, 7)
Production Credits
Recorded 2015-2016
College of Wizardry & Bongo Fury, Portland, Oregon
Mixed by Ben Spees
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes




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