Big Big Train // A Stone’s Throw from the Line // Featured Album of the Week

Three times Progressive Music Awards winners, Big Big Train, returned to live performance in 2015 after a 17 year absence from the stage. A Stone’s Throw from the Line is Big Big Train’s first live album and features the best performance of each song played at the band’s three sold-out London shows in August 2015.


 A Stone's Throw from the Line by Big Big Train
A Stone’s Throw from the Line Track Listing
1. Make Some Noise (Live) 05:21
2. The First Rebreather (Live) 08:32
3. The Underfall Yard (Live) 21:56
4. Uncle Jack (Live) 04:13
5. Victorian Brickwork (Live) 13:38
6. Kingmaker (Live) 11:09
7. Wassail (Live) 08:08
8. Summoned by Bells (Live) 09:08
9. Judas Unrepentant (Live) 09:42
10. Curator of Butterflies (Live) 08:20
11. East Coast Racer (Live) 16:32
12. Hedgerow (Live) 09:11


Nick D’Virgilio, Dave Gregory, David Longdon, Danny Manners, Andy Poole, Greg Spawton, Rikard Sjoblom, Rachel Hall


The Mercury Tree // Permutations // Album Of The Week

About The Mercury Tree
If a space dragon got together with Sigur Ros’ cousin, and they had a baby that liked to explore the emotional and cinematic dynamics of Stanley Kubrick’s films while incredibly sleep deprived... then that baby might grow up to be a metaphor for the music of The Mercury Tree. This experimental Portland trio, formed in 2006, specialize in creative overuse of their effect pedals. Their latest material includes extensive live looping work, creating huge enveloping layers of sound. At best, they fuse the oddball rhythms and technicality of progressive music with a genuine sense of melody and emotion. Their newest album, Permutations, was Released in March 2016.

The Mercury Tree

1. Symptoms 06:59
2. Exhume the Worst 04:56
3. Permutations 10:42
4. Ether/Ore 04:08
5. Placeholder 04:32
6. Unintelligible 05:06
7. Sympathesizer 04:42 video
8. Seek and Release 05:46
9. Prometheist 09:00
10. Deep Five 10:32
The Mercury Tree
Ben Spees: guitar, keyboard, voice
Connor Reilly: drums
Oliver Campbell: bass, voice
Special Guests:
Aaron Clark: space guitar (7, 10)
Tony Mowe: alto and baritone saxophone (4, 7)
Production Credits
Recorded 2015-2016
College of Wizardry & Bongo Fury, Portland, Oregon
Mixed by Ben Spees
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes




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Inside The Sound // Wizard’s Eyes // Featured Album of The Week

The newest album of Inside The Sound (Ukraine) – a project of guitarist and composer Max Velychko (also appeared in Karfagen, Sunchild, Hoggwash, Modern Rock Ensemble) – contain tracks that were composed through the years, and now, after 6 years of silence we are proud to release this album. It sounds a more like prog-melodic- instrumental with wide range of deep guitar works and keyboards palettes based on groovy and powerfull rhytm section. If you’re a fan of Liquid Tension, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai etc – you’ll difenitely like this record.

Each of 11 tracks of this album has its own story and mood – from power and energy of “Wizard’s Eyes” and ” Dreaming Deja Vue”, through a deep and emotional “Horizon”, “Fantasia” and a bit of vedic and phylosophic “Haribol” – to absolutely “flying” “To The Sky” and intimate-feeling “The Cold Spring”. We invite you to take part in our musical journey Inside The Sound, and to be a part of our music stories!


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Elegant Simplicity // All Life is One // Featured album of the Week

‘All Life is One’ is a relatively short album (by our standards), though it originally kicked in at over an hour. However, I pruned it right back of the stuff that didn’t sit with the overall vibe and ended up with a much more cohesive and structured release. The other tracks will be released as B-Sides, so you will get to hear them at some point.

This album is a huge departure in many ways for us: first, it does not feature either Ken or Christopher (though they did perform on the original demo tracks)! It does feature, however, a whole host of great talent: from the sax playing of Nathan to the stunning violin of William to the rock steady drumming of Nathanael and the melodic bass of Jair-Rohm Parker Wells.

I truly believe this release to be amongst the best of our catalogue. As usual, the songs are diverse and involving but still retaining their trademark melodic sound. There is also much harder guitar than seen of late and the sax and violin solos make for a much more dynamic and involving listen.

Track Listing
1. Master of Shadows 10:24
2. Falling to the Ground 07:32
3. All Life is One 09:08
4. Love is Transferred 06:14
5. Tin Rattler 07:44

Released October 2, 2015 

Steven McCabe – guitars and keyboards
Nathaniel Graham – drums
William Stewart – violin
Nathan Madsen – sax
David Lipari Jr – vocals
Allen Bruce Ray – native american flutes
Hendrick Valera – flute
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Damjan Kapor, Justin Bassman – bass guitar

Newsreel samples courtesy of

All songs composed, arranged, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Steven
McCabe August / September 201 5 at Propinquity Studios, Cheshire, UK

Art Design and layout by Steven McCabe, with special thanks to for some of the photographic elements.

Official Website


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Djam Karet // All From One, And One From All // Featured album of the Week

Djam Karet is an instrumental progressive rock band based in Topanga, California. The band was founded in 1984 by guitarists Gayle Ellett and Mike Henderson, bassist Henry J. Osborne, and drummer Chuck Oken, Jr.. The band’s name is an Indonesian word (pronounced by English speakers as ‘jam care-RAY) that translates loosely as “elastic time”.

All From One, And One From All is our Featured album of the Week, its a 2016 BANDCAMP Exclusive Digital Only Release. The compilation” contains a track from every one of Djam Karet’s 17 albums!


“Critic’s Choice Award” BILLBOARD magazine
“#2 Independent Album Of The Year” ROLLING STONE magazine
“#2 Album Of The Year” ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN magazine
“#2 Album Of The Year” GAGLIARCHIVES
“#3 Album Of The Year” SEA OF TRANQUILITY
“#6 New Age Album Of The Year” PULSE! magazine
“#6 Album Of The Year” GAGLIARCHIVES
“Top 10 Album Of The Year” DEEP LISTENING magazine
“Top 10 Album Of The Year” EXPOSE’ magazine
“Top 20 Album Of The Year” PROGRESSOR

 Djam Karet 

  • Gayle Ellett: guitar, keyboards, effects, percussion
  • Mike Henderson: guitar, keyboards, effects, percussion
  • Henry J. Osborne: bass, keyboards, percussion
  • Aaron Kenyon: bass
  • Chuck Oken, Jr.: drums, synths, keyboards, percussion
  • M.G. Murray: guitar, effects


  • Judy Garp — Violin in “Lights Over Roswell” on The Devouring.
  • Loren Nerell — Oberheim Synth in “Demon Train” and “Eulogy” on New Dark Age.
  • Michael Ostrich — Melodic Lead Synth Lines in “Requiem” on Recollection Harvest.
  • Steve Roach — Ending guitar atmospheres in “Ukab Maerd” on A Night for Baku.
  • Dion Sorrell — Cello in “Raising Orpheus” on New Dark Age.



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Sendelica // The Pavilion of Magic and the Trial of the Seven Surviving Elohim // Featured album of the Week

Originally Released as a CD-R Only Album In 2011 On Our Own Frg Records. Now Re-Issued On Sunhair Records As An Expanded Edition With Extra Tracks As A Double Vinyl and CD Release
Release Date Sept 1st 2016


[bandcamp width=100% height=439 album=4202120506 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=none]


Pete Bingham- Guitar/ Electronics.
Glenda Pescado- Bass.
Colin Consterdine- Programing/ Electronics.
Lee Relfe- Saxamaphones.
Meurig Griffiths – Drums,
Lord Armstrong sealand – theremin.


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