It’s a very powerful and touching video, a sort of experiment in between a music video and a documentary. The stories shown are not fiction. The two characters are real people and we take part to their everyday extraordinary life: a girl who is a boxing champion in Catania (Vissia Trovato) and a Russian ballet dancer (Aleksandr Chelidze).

“Two very distant stories, not only geographically, a video clip-documentary about two people that face their life with courage and folly.
Music has always been able to make fun of conflicts and cancel distances and differences. We want to prove that the human being has the strength and the capacity to fight in a world where the darkness seems to prevail.”

The Milanese art-rock band Le Folli Arie, considered to be one of the most interesting new acts of the Italian indie scene, after the success of the first 2 singles in English “It’s not easy” and “Shot in the dark”, releases the video of the third single “A better day tomorrow”.

The music video, directed by Filippo “Pax” Pascuzzi and produced through a crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser, has been filmed in Saint Petersburg and in Catania.