Dear friends, music lovers and random passersby!

As promised, a major update and a sneak peek into the world of Transport Aerian so here we go!

Transport Aerian opens the official TA website for your viewing and listening pleasure, here you will be able to find our music, our recent live videos, concert announcements and all the possible news and updates that you, OUR music fans crave and desire.

Besides all the advantages we have listed, we will also provide an opportunity for you to subscribe to our mailing list, which, besides the obvious benefits of always being first to receive the freshest news and updates from us, we will also will grant you the access to some exclusive content.

The first such treat that we will give away as a gift to all the first subscribers is the chance to listen and download a song from our incoming album Darkblue before its release date. The link will be sent to everyone who has subscribed to the mailing list via our official website.

Visit our now… and subscribe to the mailing list. Be the first to listen to and download one of the chapters from Darkblue!

Kind regards,


Transport Aerian