Therianthrope guests: Dyian

Sometimes amazing things happen unexpectedly. Today I’ve had a recording session with the amazing Elvya to put on tape some of her astonishing hammered dulcimer improvisations, and she brought a friend to the recording session who happened to be no other but Dyian, a polish folk hurdy gurdy player, who has also kindly agreed to play some additions with his exotic ancient instrument. So here I am to announce another guest on ‪#‎therianthrope‬ album. You can also check his project’s Facebook page.


Therianthrope Guests: JoJo Razor

There never can be enough variety in voices. And as Transport Aerian has always been about creating something that has elements not explored before, the addition of more voices – in particular – more female voices was quite a logical consequence of Therianthrope’s philosophy of chaotic diversity. So let me introduce you the second female singer, who is to add some detail to the album’s sound. Her name is JoJo Razor, and she is also known by her work with Gekko Project.

Therianthrope guests: Rachel Bauer

A woman’s touch can change a lot. In some cases, like it happened with my previous work Darkblue,it can change everything. Despite that Therianthrope is more of a one-actor-theater, I consider some haunting, deeply dark female voice to be an absolute necessity, to tell some parts of the story, or just to be there when its needed. The choice is obvious, and the next guest on the album is no one else but Rachel Bauer, a lady who shaped a lion share of visuals, and a lot of sound and atmosphere on Darkblue will also play a role of spoken word narrator/backing vocalist on Therianthrope, although her role this time will be slightly less significant due to the matter of the concept.

Therianthrope guests: Stefan Boeykens

Right from the start of current incarnation of Transport Aerian, he was there. A brother in arms, and on of the essential fulcrums of project’s live sound. Sadly, we only occasionally experienced studio work together, so it is decided to make it a little different this time. You’ve already guessed: Stefan Boeykens, Transport Aerian’s irreplaceable live line up guitar player is to provide some guitar textures for some pieces on the album. He has a very special sound and style rooting in the classic guitar and his parts will surely be a beautiful addition to the organizingly chaotic canvas of both Therianthrope and The Abstract Symphony parts of the album.

Therianthrope guests: Elvya

Do you like your music haunting and with a touch of something exotic and vivid, as much as I do? From the start, I wanted this project to operate on different musical levels, so the touch of some exotic yet beautiful soundshapes were needed. So let me introduce you a very special guest on Therianthrope album. Her name is Elvya, and she is known as much by her astonishingly haunting and beautiful solo work that has been released this year, as much as by her work with Ayreon. She plays a very special medieval instrument called hammered dulcimer. It’s sound and her personality will add some special flavour to the project that you soon will be able to taste yourself.