Updates regarding Nero / Berlin Music Video Awards 2016 / Upcoming Gig at Wutzdog-Stage Wolfskehlen / Upcoming Gig at E-Werk Bad Homburg

Updates Nero


We’ve got some positive reviews and reactions regarding Nero around the world and the interest is still high. Some Web Radio Stations like HeadbangerFM play songs from the album at regular intervals. If you are interested to listen to Nero, check out our profile at bandcamp.com


Berlin Music Video Awards 2016


We are excited to announce that we are finalists on Day 3 (May 20th) in the Videoshop category of the Berlin Music Video Awards 2016. Completely surprisingly, our Music Video “Raindrops” was selected as one finalist. The final will take place at the Club Gretchen:

Doors open at 16:30, Tickets here: https://goo.gl/AFnFjX
Save the date, maybe we’ll see us in Berlin….


Upcoming short term Gig at Wutzdog-Stage Wolfskehlen

We have adopted a short term Gig during “der Kreis rollt”. You can see and hear us on the Wutzdog-Stage at 11:30am. Here the map to find us:

Ortskarte Wolfskehlen


Upcoming Gig E-Werk Bad Homburg

We’ve planned the following set list for the Gig on June the 10th:

  1. Shadowland
  2. Cry for love
  3. Cold and strange
  4. Endless game
  5. Raindrops
  6. The real thing
  7. Blowing away
  8. When it’s all over
  9. Darkland
  10. Sleep my child
  11. Blue collar man
  12. Watching tv
  13. Faceless smile
  14. On the loose
  15. Go this way
  16. In the mirror
  17. ?
  18. ?

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to hear 2 hours of Neronia; Live on stage!