A little bit more than a year ago, when I have finished all the necessary work on what you know as Bleeding, I already knew: it was something unusual. I knew that regardless of the commercial success or inferiority that this project could potentially bring, it appeared to be a reasonable contribution to the new music, to the development of progressive rock in only acceptable understanding of this term. And I guess, I wasn’t wrong, as with this album Transport Aerian has finally achieved a several important goals: getting signed to the record label, which, fortunately, is slightly and far out of the local level, and, above everything, is not other than Melodic Revolution Records, which I have always considered to be a dream place for the independent and progressive artists, such as myself. I finally found out that Transport Aerian has made it to ProgArchives. Critical response was surprisingly positive, as well. Additionally, an HD version of the album has been released, as a bow and due respect to the truly dedicated sound appreciators.

    The typical problem about making the piece of music that receives a high score in the relevant music press and that utterly and entirely satisfy your own artistic needs is starting the next one. My principle in making music has always been – and remains – that every single new record, I’m getting involved in, should contain something I have never done before, and, preferably, something that nobody else did. I must confess: for a time I was in a doubt if I ever can make something better. But the working process has started. The first lines of the lyrics, the first sketches of concept, the first notes and the first elements of arrangements started falling into a place, irresistebly. After about a couple of months of putting the bits together, I can only admit: what starts taking the shape is definitely something new and, as I primarily make music for myself – quite exciting. And I hope soon I’ll be able to tell and show you more.
    But everything at the time.