Dear friends,  music lovers and random passers by!

Today I announce the news that just some months ago I couldn’t even imagine. Today the exclusive, high-definition 24-bit remaster of Transport Aerian album Bleeding is released on the most open-minded and creative thinking label Melodic Revolution Records (USA). It is significant that my album is the first high-definition release in the history of Melodic Revolution Records. Although this format is gaining popularity amongst  the most dedicated musicians, and the leading names in progressive rock have already contributed in developing the market of such releases, there are still not so many examples of 24 bit releases on the independent labels, so it feels natural for Transport Aerian to step into the high-definition area, opening this chapter together with Melodic Revolution Records, because, just as it was noted by most of the critics, our music is all about nuances, atmosphere and details – for transacting of which this format suits perfectly and it will hopefully please the most dedicated listeners.

                This, in general describes why have we decided to make this release happen first. Our main goal is to bring our music to the wider yet interested audience in the most appropriate quality at the one hand, and to support Melodic Revolution Records and their noble job to help the novel and original musicians from all over the world with our contribution.

And we hope you will enjoy our effort.