Dear friends, music lovers and random passers by!

Since first 3 songs from the upcoming album are already published and available on free streaming here:

And here:

I decided that time has come to reveal more of the facts and thoughts about what it is all about.
The new album title is ‘BLEEDING’. Why so? Because this concept represents the current state of things. I was always a musician who cares mainly about exposing and forging private emotions into a musical shape, rather than attempting to gather fans of one certain style to rock on the floor. ‘BLEEDING’ somehow reveals what I feel now and what I felt through all these years of silence. All the songs are already written, and here I publish the set-list, which will be:

1. Mortals
2. Inspire
3. Score
4. Fog vision
5. Nightsky
6. Love
7. Edges
8. Winter
9. Triangle Town
10. Bleeding

Some of the songs from this list you already know. The others are only to be revealed on the album itself. All the songs I entirely wrote myself and on all of the songs all the instruments are also played by me. I love and I appreciate the input of other musicians in my works, and somehow I always was lucky with fantastic line ups helping me to make things happen, and I hope some of the musicians with whom I shared the stage will join me again when time comes.
But this album is very personal. And that’s why it’s only between me – and you, listeners.
This time I avoid calling what I’m doing ‘progressive rock’. Not because I suddenly betrayed my principles and started playing something that others would call ‘a beautiful song’ or became locally tolerated singer-songwriter. Even in my worst nightmare I would not.
Rather, it is because even within such a wide genre as progressive rock, I see borders and I don’t want to fit myself in them. Some time ago I came across the philosophical article about the genre of poetry called ‘metarealism’, and I tend to call what I’m doing this way. Representation of my own personal, hurt and damaged reality in the most twisted musical way is what it is.

I am not delusional. I know that for what I’m doing here, there is almost no audience.
It is all not about that. I do it mainly to say the word. And the word said belongs to those who is willing to hear.
And it’s you, the person who managed to read this to the end.

And I really don’t care about the rest.

Kind regards,