Dear friends, random music lovers and passers by!


As I stated some months ago, my personal one-man avant-garde project Transport Aerian is back to life. Time went by fast, and I had a massive inspiration which created a fountain of music, lyrics and conceptual ideas. For all this time I was preparing the material, and I must proudly announce now that  10 songs forming the brand new Transport Aerian album are written and are being recorded – as usual, on my own handling all the possible instruments in different places and times. Still the music  turns into a solid, conceptual sound canvas.


I must announce here, that the responsibility over the visual side of the project is now in tender professional hands of Zoe Parton, and this is a true honor for me to have her work involved in the most important part of modern music creation process – visualizing the images.


During the upcoming week I’m going to make old material temporary unavailable on my official pages and replace it by 3 or 4 new songs, which would be skeletal keypoints of what will form the shape of my new album. The title is still under the construction, but the conception is clear, and soon I will publish the tracklist along with some of my thoughts along the way.



As well, and this is probably most important part of me saying all this, I ask for your initiative:  please do share my project’s related pages. I used to say, and I will keep on saying:  a shouter in the desert must be heard. Without you, friends, strangers, people – this journey makes no sense.

So join me. I need you now as never.


Kind regards,Hamlet Transportinae

Transport Aerian Project.