Press release of “Teumman Rock Opera” by DARK AGES .

A new project for Dark Ages will take form in summer 2014. The historic band of Italian rock / metal fame from late 80s, after releasing the Saturnalia first album in ’91 and passed through several changes in line-up, found its balance since 2008 with the entry of today’s musicians with whom the band released the “Teumman” Rock Opera divided in 2 parts.
After many positive reviews about the release of the two albums, Teumman pt.1 (2011) and Teumman pt. 2 (2013) both for Heart of Steel Records, the band has decided to embark on the ambitious project of the theatrical adaptation of the opera that tells the story of prince Teumman, king Agares, queen Namrad and Berkaal, Master of the Darkness.
The story is set in ancient Assyria and is full of moving characters, fascinating locations, emotions and
feelings. The result will satisfy lovers of progressive rock and metal, as music is characterized by the rock matrix of all members of the group, in particular leader guitarist Simone Calciolari , all enriched by the orchestral arrangements and classic keyboards of Angela Busato and driven by the remarkable rhythm section formed by Carlo Busato and Missi Perboni on drums and bass.
“It was a dream that we had from the beginning ,” says singer Cagnata ” but only meeting with director Federica Carteri , who wrote the screenplay and will direct the show, has allowed this dream to come true .”
Casting took place at the headquarters of the theater company ” Il Gatto Rosso ” in Peschiera Del Garda Sunday March 2th , the artists who will take the stage have already been chosen and the full team work will be presented soon on the band website and on all social networks, to allow fans not to miss even a minute of this new experience.
“It will certainly not be an easy task! ” Says guitarist Calciolari ” but we are very excited and cannot wait to start working! From the first meeting we’ve built a strong cooperation between us, expecially between the director and all the singers who will play the roles of the opera “
In short, a task that will require commitment and dedication but certainly also a lot of satisfaction for a band that has long been on the Italian prog metal scene and wants to accomplish this ambitious project.

Record Label : Heart of Steel Records
Recording Studio : Mago Studio by Maurizio ” Tacky ” Fracchetti
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Photo : Happy Photography Studio by Giovanna Aprili

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