PRAELUDIUM Power Prog Metal from Argentina

Heart Of Steel Records is proud to announce that the argentinian Prog Metal band PRAELUDIUM has just signed for our label that will release their debut EP.
The EP titled “Birth” contains 3 songs influenced by Progressive Metal meet Melodic Death Metal with Symphonic arrangements. 
The digital release is now available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic…

Praeludium is a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded in 2014, earlier this summer they recorded their first EP ‘Birth’ with three compositions.
The leader of the band Gustavo Scholz is well known to have formed early 2000 the band called Alma Prisma (progressive metal genre) with whom he has played around for his country and as the opening for some international groups like Angra.
In 2007 he recorded a full album, titled “All the Gates of a new dream”.
Currently Praeludium are recording new songs for the full-length album, scheduled for 2016.

Sebastian Fernandez: Vocals
Gustavo Scholz: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Leandro Bulanikian: Drums

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The british alt progressive rock band BABYSUN announce debut album

Nerocromo Music is pleased to announce the british alt progressive rock band BABYSUN.
The EP titled “One big everything” contains 6 songs with the influence including Brit Progressive meet Indie alt mood. The digital release it’s now available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic…
Produced by Vic Bronzini Fulton and Chris McEvoy.

With so many diverse influences it’s often difficult to clearly define the Babsyun sound but it was always the idea to combine elements of dance and groove, traditional songwriting and a leaning towards indie/alternative rock styles to produce music that was both melodic and powerful but somehow understated. 
Babsyun currently is Vic Bronzini-Fulton and Chris McEvoy but the desire to add another member for the ‘live’ work is gathering pace.

A wealth of experience both ‘live’ and studio gave the project the grounding it needed for the live work in Ireland and the UK and subsequently led to Babysun opening the 2009 Karel Mus Expo festival in Sardinia to rave reviews. 
Always writing and recording new material Babysun plan to return to the ‘live’ circuit and continue building the fan base.

Influences / Likes; King Crimson, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Elbow, Faithless, Eels, The Beatles, Yes, Genesis, Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble, PJ Harvey, Radiohead…

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Heart Of Steel Records announce the prog project MOLTEN TRAIL

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are excited to announce the debut album of great international project called MOLTEN TRAIL.
The release titled “Striving for the sky” contain 8 songs and the music style is an awesome Melodic Prog Rock.
The digital release will be available in 2014, November 7th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic…

Molten Trail is an international musical project founded by Lithuanian keyboard player Vytautas Diškevicius.
Although its debut album was completed in 2014, the preparation actually began years earlier.
For many years, Diškevicius experimented with his creative ideas while playing keyboards for a number of leading groups in Lithuania’s local rock and metal scene, with his first international breakthrough coming with the goth metal band Ruination.
Later on, he collaborated with the established heavy rockers SBS, joined the newer heavy/power act Soul Stealer, participated in a one-off backing band for John Lawton (former frontman of Uriah Heep), and worked with the Vilnius City Opera company in rearranging classical arias for a rock band.
As a composer, he strayed onto a mellower path when he provided the music for Nomads in the Night, which was selected as Lithuania’s entry for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.
For the project’s debut album, Striving for the Sky, the mastermind himself undertook the guitar and bass roles in addition to his usual keyboard duties, while Germany‘s Martin Miller and Sweden‘s Rick Lang, both proficient session musicians, provided the guitar solos and drum parts respectively.
Lending their voices to the work were American rock singer Steven Mesropian and two Swedish vocalists: Rob Lundgren and, most notably, Erik “Ez” Blomkvist (of Platitude, Seven Thorns, and Dreamscape fame).

This collaboration led to the recording of eight songs, totaling fifty minutes in duration and spanning genres such as keyboard-laden neoclassical, progressive, and power metal, as well as incorporating an 80s-tinged element of melodic hard rock.
The resulting album set the characteristic direction for the project’s future work while reserving the creative license to undertake other stylistic adventures.

Band members:
Vytautas Diskevicius, keyboards, guitars, bass (Sbs, Soul Stealer, Ruination)

Martin Miller, lead guitar
Rick Lang, guitar
Rickard Langnesund, drums
Erik Blomkvist, vocals (Platitude, Seven Thorns, Dreamscape)
Steven Mesropian, vocals (Peace hate love, Those among us, Tunnel)
Robin Lundgren, vocals (Scentic, Starphyre, Poerdrive)

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DARK AGES Teumman Opera Rock


Press release of “Teumman Rock Opera” by DARK AGES .

A new project for Dark Ages will take form in summer 2014. The historic band of Italian rock / metal fame from late 80s, after releasing the Saturnalia first album in ’91 and passed through several changes in line-up, found its balance since 2008 with the entry of today’s musicians with whom the band released the “Teumman” Rock Opera divided in 2 parts.
After many positive reviews about the release of the two albums, Teumman pt.1 (2011) and Teumman pt. 2 (2013) both for Heart of Steel Records, the band has decided to embark on the ambitious project of the theatrical adaptation of the opera that tells the story of prince Teumman, king Agares, queen Namrad and Berkaal, Master of the Darkness.
The story is set in ancient Assyria and is full of moving characters, fascinating locations, emotions and
feelings. The result will satisfy lovers of progressive rock and metal, as music is characterized by the rock matrix of all members of the group, in particular leader guitarist Simone Calciolari , all enriched by the orchestral arrangements and classic keyboards of Angela Busato and driven by the remarkable rhythm section formed by Carlo Busato and Missi Perboni on drums and bass.
“It was a dream that we had from the beginning ,” says singer Cagnata ” but only meeting with director Federica Carteri , who wrote the screenplay and will direct the show, has allowed this dream to come true .”
Casting took place at the headquarters of the theater company ” Il Gatto Rosso ” in Peschiera Del Garda Sunday March 2th , the artists who will take the stage have already been chosen and the full team work will be presented soon on the band website and on all social networks, to allow fans not to miss even a minute of this new experience.
“It will certainly not be an easy task! ” Says guitarist Calciolari ” but we are very excited and cannot wait to start working! From the first meeting we’ve built a strong cooperation between us, expecially between the director and all the singers who will play the roles of the opera “
In short, a task that will require commitment and dedication but certainly also a lot of satisfaction for a band that has long been on the Italian prog metal scene and wants to accomplish this ambitious project.

Record Label : Heart of Steel Records
Recording Studio : Mago Studio by Maurizio ” Tacky ” Fracchetti
Artwork & Web Master: Rejects Design by Elisa Santambrogio
Photo : Happy Photography Studio by Giovanna Aprili

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CONCORDEA, Power Prog from Russia

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut EP of CONCORDEA titled “Before the sunrise”, the music style is an amazing Melodic Prog Metal.
The digital release is now available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic…

Concordea is a Russian band from Ekaterinburg formed in 2011 by two guitar players Piankova Daria and Alexey Raskovalov, later the bass guitar player Nikolay Konstantinov has arrived.

The first line up was realized towards the middle of the 2012, when Roman Doronin (drums), Dmitri Ostapchenko (vocals) and Alexey Turetskov (keyboards) have joined the band. During the year the first demo songs were recorded, and on the 6th of September, 2012 the first concert was given. At the end of the 2012 the vocalist left the band, therefore Concordea had to be confronted with difficulties, since the Concordea’s music “soul” should have been personified by a high male voice with the capacity to interpret different moods and feelings put into music.

By the time of the first EP recordings, the vocalist’s place was taken by Andrea Bicego, the leader and vocalist of an Italian band 4th DIMENSION. The result surpassed all expectations: heavy metal melodiousness of Concordea and expressive unusual voice of Andrea perfectly complement each other.

Produced by Concordea;
Recorded at Rukami Recording Studio and Greenriver Studio;
Mastered by Greenriver Studio;
Photos by Ekaterina Kochneva-Bogdanova;
Artwork by Natalia Piankova;

Line up:

Daria Piankova – guitars
Nikolay Konstantinov – bass guitar
Alexey Raskovalov – guitars
Roman Doronin – drums
Alexey Turetskov – keyboards
Andrea Bicego – vocals (special guest)

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