Dear friends, music lovers and random passers by!

Today it is time to give you the last blog note before the time when the event that I and, as I really hope, some of you as well, anticipate. The experimental blend of a literature act and music, the gloomy story of love and longing, is what Transport Aerian’s upcoming studio effort has become is coming closer to the date of its release.There are less than a few months left for us – and for you – to wait. Today it is time to reveal some final details that we were keeping undercover for all this time. A lion share of the atmosphere, concept and the haunting chemistry of Darkblue, has been brought there by the hand of my collaborator, with whom together I made this album: a woman, a lady, an artist, who represents the female character within the narrative canvas of the album. Today I’m going to introduce her to you. Her name is Rachel Bauer.

Not being a part of progressive rock world, Rachel is, however not a stranger to the music environment and I take it as a honor to collaborate with her, as it brings Transport Aerian to the whole new level, opening the new musical and existential perspectives, which I, by the nature of my approach to the art consider of the biggest importance in the album making process.
As any complete musical piece of art, an album requires not only musical but also a visual component. And while some of the technical visual work for Darkblue is made by the guest visual artist Jess Telmatt, a good share of visuals are created by Rachel herself and her vision through the lens of the camera, which matches the ideas and concepts of the album flawlessly. In this blog I give you just a taste of her visual works – and just a snap peek at what she is… I promise more for you to see soon!

The second, and probably just as exciting bit of news, which I must share with you, is that now we’re getting close to the release date, which is set to be in the very beginning of May. The album in its physical and – optionally – digital shape will be available world-wide with a great and irreplaceable help and support from our artistic allies, Melodic Revolution Records family.

“We were once lost in time, but
I am a fog walker.
Your black spire on the lonesome island stands out of the gray mist on this day,
And you: once locked yourself up, isolated within a high tower upon the shower of memories,
But you, you were dancing through fog, just like me.
I approach”.

– Full Body Access, Darkblue,
Transport Aerian.

(Hamlet, photo by Rachel Bauer)