Dear music lovers, friends and random passers by!

I’m very thrilled to come up to you all with an update, letting you know that not only the conception and the major part of lyrics for the next Transport Aerian album are already written, and waiting to be brought to the physical form, but as well, I managed to work through most of the basic instrumental parts, the skeletons of the future songs. The songwriting process shifted a couple of times from utterly song-based ideas to almost cinematic seamless canvas, and I gave the priority to the latter. Some quite productive days and weeks in my home studio and in several rented acoustically-sophisticated rooms have brought me enough certain musical material to fulfill the goal of introducing you to the musical journey, which will be based on the surrealist self-penned story of exile, self-isolation and love. Unlike my other efforts, this album has the plot and it revolves around the interaction between two characters. This urged me to get a second musician involved into this studio album, a singer and a narrator who will play the role of one of the crucial characters in this musical story. While her identity remains incognito, I can already present you a small snippet of the very first minute of the very first song of the album. This is how the story starts. How will it develop?

We shall see.