Dear friends, music lovers and passers by!

With a great excitement I would like to announce that my most recent, immersive conceptual album Darkblue is now out, with a great help and support from our label, Melodic Revolution Records. This album’s creation process has been a long introspective journey, as I was drowning into the deepest layers of my current personal state of mind – to dig out the emotions and shape them into this music. Not alone this time, that is, on this album has been created together with the beautiful musical and spiritual partner Rachel Bauer, whose voice and interpretation has clearly made this work different, haunting and added a glimpse of hope to its overall dark ideas. This time the release took place in USA, but the album is available worldwide, both in a shape of physical copies with a 12 pages coloured booklet or a simple digital download.

You can get your copy via Melodic Revolution Records website, Amazon or CD Baby. I would also like to highlight that as the label’s headquarters and distribution centre are located in USA, the shipping costs might differ, depending on your location, but the costs are dictated by the postal services and in no way are under our or our label’s control. So how can one save money by ordering the physical CD? Melodic Revolution Records suggests the following: if you purchase more than one album from the label Bandcamp store they will only charge $1 additional per item, so if shipping is $9.5 for one item it will only be 10.5 for two items and so on.  

However, hope that you are willing to support what we are doing, enough to prefer a physical artefact in your hands, rather than just a download. I don’t quite have monetary reasons to wish so: this project remains mostly un-commercial and I mostly consider album sales as a way to cover the costs of its release and production. I do it all mainly for the art’s sake. And for the art’s sake I believe that the physical copies, with a well-crafted design, would provide you a bigger pleasure of tactile sensation, rather than music without any physical shape. So if you wish to join those who stand for the art and you love what we’re doing or into introspective and personal kinds of music, follow this link, listen to our album and order your copy!

And last, but not least I will give you a glimpse of my plans. What is to come now? We are working on a live program. While no extensive touring is planned we do consider an amount of shows in culture and art related venues around Belgium, and if things will fall into place, Netherlands and Germany. The live line up is getting ready and we hope to announce the details soon! I am as well working now on the footage for the official video for one of the songs from Darkblue… Which one? You will know soon enough!
I would also like to kindly remind you, that joining our mailing list on the official website provides you with the access to some additional sneak peaks, news and even material that is not otherwise available. Join us now!
Now, with this news, I would like to finish this letter.
I hope you’re having a great time. And I hope our music reaches you the way it is meant to.

Kind regards,
Transport Aerian Project.