Dear friends, music lovers and even random passers by!

Now, having in my hands the master of Transport Aerian’s new album, I dare to ask for a word to reveal some more background considerations and what it is all about. As I was drawn into almost three years of creative self-exile (not counting endless side projects, some of which even went considerably successful), I do have more than enough to say to those who are willing to listen. That has always been my biggest motto in making music, as I never believed and above that, I stand against music crafting as it was making chairs or tables – comfortable to sit but pathetically trivial. Before I go to the details, and the details which you will – I hope – note and hear yourself as you’ll have the physical copy in your hands or the digital one up in your computer or some other engineering miracle, I would like to state that this is probably the best and most desperate shout out I’ve ever dared to do.  Throughout all these years and ever. I have my reasons to say so.

 Music, in the shape it is now is surviving the renaissance. Why do I say ‘surviving?’ Because it does. The incredible diversity of genres and sub-genres tears the audience apart, the incredible mass of information damps and destroys every wave of sound. We don’t have support here, it is difficult to be heard. In a sense, when I started the recording sessions and put things together I was not sure if I’m not even shouting in a completely empty desert. After a while, letting myself be blind to the conditions I just did what I felt like doing, ironically, to discover I’m not alone here. It is very fortunate, but there was still a second important insight to discover in process of working, which I must share with you to understand the background a bit better and therefore being able to commit to music not only as it is, but as well as it was intended to. This insight caused me to set up several statements regarding which, I believe many of you had questions: I call what I’m doing now ‘anti-music’. This is global. The music in the form as it is perceived by many now tends to create one big information field, which has no significant borders, neither it has much of the meaning. At the same time, paradoxally, such comes together with the extreme genre diversity, and in the conditions of modern world it is merely impossible to reach out for the hearing ears or helping hands without bordering or edging your music. I can’t do that. I don’t want to do that. Above all that, what I hear and what I see around me in this musical continuum doesn’t make me feel like I have anything to do with that. That’s why I had no chance but calling what I do ‘anti-music’, by that edging the genre and destroying any possible commitment to any existing genre at the same time.


I don’t want to make an excited description to what appeared to be ‘BLEEDING’ album. I knew it was going to be a great piece of poetry wrapped in the sounding constraints and shaped into the physical form with conceptual photographs and artworks right from the start. What I want to say here, is that this conceptual piece of art is my statement. And you, if you want to take a part in weaving of imagination and let another drop of the art survive drowning in the ocean of noisy silence can help me out.
        And as I consider the release dates around the very beginning of early summer, you will be able to do that already very soon.

Kind regards,

Hamlet Transportinae,

Transport Aerian Project.

”…Without love we all are just mortals,

Without trust we all are alone…”