“Darkness Gives Shape to the Light” is the second music video from the album “Persistence of Vision” by US Progressive Instrumental art-rock band Edison Suit released on the Melodic Revolution Records label.

“Our pieces come together through improvisation and experimentation and the last thing we do is come up with a list of potential titles and then assign them to the songs. The titles all come from various books I’ve read, this one is from a book called Earthseed by Octavia Butler”
– Barry Wood

Persistence of Vision Edison Suit’s third release and 1st new album in 17 years plunges further into their ethos of making electronic instruments seem organic and acoustic instruments seem electronic. Their penchant for unusual song structures and time signatures results in music that’s as surprising as it is ear-opening.

Edison Suit is the creative vision of Mark Smith and Barry Wood

Mark Smith: Electric, acoustic, 12-string guitar, EBow guitars, mando guitar, bass, and banjo 
Barry Wood: Keyboards, bass, Chapman Stick, lap steel, lap steel resonator, and programming 
Bret Wadams: Drums, and cymbals
Paul McIntire: Violin

Edison Suit Links

Website: https://edisonsuit.com/
Bandcamp: https://edisonsuit.bandcamp.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@EdisonSuit-md9yo
MRR Profile Page https://mrrmusic.com/project/edison-suit/

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