Dear friends, music lovers and passers by!

I’ve been silent for a while, mainly due to incredible amount of work and preparations occurring behind the scenes, one of which was finishing the work of a long term research project I have been working on for the past couple of years to obtain my Doctorate degree.

This, however wasn’t the only thing happening, and I think now is the right time to share with you the news of the major project that I’ll be launching within the upcoming weeks and months. It will go under the title Ruminations on Darkblue and will be an expansive half-literary, half-visual project, that will have to do with the extension of the ideas and plots that are encoded in Darkblue album. It will include the visuals and words by Jess Telmatt, who did some of the visuals for Darkblue booklet, Rachel Bauer and myself.

The reasoning of doing this lies within the nature of what Transport Aerian has become with the release of Darkblue. This album is more of the literary exercise wrapped up in music. It is intentionally more of a synthetic sort of thing, its more than purely an album. The idea, the meaning, and the conception of Darkblue are by far more important than just is musical form.

For this very reason, I will move forward with this project in which I’ll be giving a lot of facts, ideas, visuals and thoughts regarding every aspect of Darkblue to carry out its purpose in the form of half literary and half music project. In the incoming weeks I will start with considerations on the piece ‘Black’ and the first set of words and visuals.

The project will be available on my official website, so you are most welcome to follow and share it with your friends and those who you think will appreciate this sort of artistry. Ruminations will consist of a several chapters, with every chapter to include a music track and a certain set of visuals. The literary part of the concepts, ideas and background will be explained. I promise it to be quite curious from both the artistic and voyeuristic points of view, as all this is quite personal!

Besides this project that I’m preparing, I’m also working on the live set and tying to put the live lineup together, I am also involved in a various side projects, some of which I might reveal in the upcoming weeks!
Keep in touch and keep the (progressive) music flowing!

Kind regards,
Transport Aerian Project.