Our latest featured video is a ‘Lost to Lost’ taken from the album by United Progressive Fraternity (UPF) entitled: Planetary Overload Part 1:

Loss Music & Melodies by Guillermo Cides, Jesús Gancedo García, Mark Trueack, and Steve Unruh Lyrics by Mark Trueack, Raf Azaria, Steve Unruh, Grace Bawden – Vox Raf Azaria – Piano Guillermo Cides – Stick Jesús Gancedo García – Drumkit Steve Unruh – Electric Guitar, Sitar Guitar, Flute, Percussion  

Mix engineered by Steve Unruh UPF would like to thank the following for their live contributions (in order of appearance): Matthew Atherton Nick Mastro Mark Franco Joe Toscano George Perdikis George Perdikis Published by Perfect Pitch Publishing Available on Giant Electric Pea
(GEP) – https://www.gep.co.uk/
UPF website: http://unitedprogressivefraternity.co…
UPF Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UPFrat/

The song ‘Choices’ taken from the UPF album ‘Fall in Love with the World’ (2014) Written by Sean Timms and Mark Trueack With Mark Trueack, Matt Williams, Guy Manning, Marek Arnold, Daniel Mash, David Hopgood, Tim Irrgang

Album artwork by Ed Unitsky: https://www.facebook.com/edunitskyart/https://www.facebook.com/ed.unitsky.o…https://www.facebook.com/Ed.Unitsky.f…

UPF is truly grateful for the enthusiastic support from: Silver Donald Cameron – The Green Interview – https://thegreeninterview.com/ Mark Woods (Animator) – Afterskoolhttps://www.facebook.com/afterskool100/ International Expeditions – https://www.ietravel.com/ Trócaire – https://www.trocaire.org/ Andrew Still – Adaptive Seeds – https://www.adaptiveseeds.com/ The Greenpeace Media Library – https://media.greenpeace.org/ International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – http://www.icrcnewsroom.org/
Video produced by Ted Ollikkala, Singapore ©2019