Dear friends, followers, and fellow music lovers!

The time has passed terribly fast, and I didn’t even notice how this year approached its warming midday, needless to say, that can only mean that there were busy times, both for me and I believe for you, dear reader.

Musically, there has been a lot happening as well, and  some of the results you can already lay your hands on, for instance; Marco Ragni’s new album where I took a seat together with a dozen of fantastic guest musicians, including Durga McBroom of Pink Floyd, Colin Tench of Corvus Stone and many others, another project soon to be released, is new work by avant-metal band “Fabulae Dramatis”, in which I played a humble role of a singer and a bassist.

But that’s not all. Now I would like to share with you some news regarding what I’ve been silently working on, the plans for which I’ve been harboring for many years. This project has recently obtained a name “Therianthrope”. I am also launching a special tab on our official website, called “Therianthrope diary”, in which you can find daily updates from the recording process, news on guests and other important curiosities around the project.

Therianthrope is not your typical album, and not your typical project, not in a sense of a form or a genre, rather, in a sense of the methodological approach. Therianthrope is intended not merely as a collection of songs, but as an attempt to create a representation of information and space, a collaboration between different musicians, imagination fragments.

It will consist of two interconnected parts: a song-based chapter, that is, if you please, a Transport Aerian borderless self-destructive music, with lyrical themes revolving around unsatisfied desires, emotional deprivation and the inner beasts that everyone of us secretly feeds. The other chapter will be called The Abstract Symphony. The Abstract Symphony is to include different music pieces, consisting entirely of the fragments of different musician’s musical and spiritual thinking, entirely based on individual improvisation on the given theme, without any borders or composition structuring pushed top down. In other words, every musician will do absolutely whatever he thinks is necessary to represent the given topic with his instrument, forming a musical texture without pre-defined structure, while cooperating with the others blindly at the same time. This is not only music rather it is a philosophical concept. With this approach, we are trying to show that Music can sometimes be a bit more than just craftsmanship, but rather represent’s a product of collective unconsciousness that floats within our mutual, shifty and often scary, yet an inspiring information space.
A space that we can explore together.

Kind regards,
Transport Aerian Project.