It is with deep sadness that we report the following story, sadly this seems to be the way the music industry in a whole is going, over the last dozen or so years the entire music climate has changed, from major labels turning their backs on technology, record stores and chains around the world closing at a record pace, CD & Digital sales are down and now its even affecting the last frontier, print media and music promoters such as The Classic Rock Society.

Classic Rock Society, also known as the CRS, was founded by Martin Hudson in 1991 in Rotherham, England at the Florence Nightingale public house, which quickly progressed to become a large and well-recognized organization helping to forward the cause of Progressive rock, and Classic rock. Wikipedia

Current Issue of Classic Rock Society Magazine

According to a post on The Classic Rock Society social media page.

It is with great regret and heavy hearts that we have to announce that the Classic Rock Society will be closing its doors for the final time in the very near future. 

There have been issues regarding personnel changes and the ever-worsening financial climate for a while, but although every effort has been taken to keep it running, after a lengthy discussion following the Awards Night on Saturday, we have come to the sad conclusion that recent issues, from postage costs through to magazine production and gig expenditure, have left the position impossible to continue. We could not mention anything about this on Saturday as it could have cast a shadow over a superb performance by ARENA, and the CRS has always, from Day One, been about the music first and foremost.

It is a very hard climate in the world of this sort of music, which we all love, as evidenced by the difficulties experienced by venues such as the Citadel as an example close to ‘home’. There is much-increased competition for gigs compared to a decade or so ago – and while this is healthy and, somewhat ironically, could be seen as a part of what we have striven to achieve, nevertheless it has impacted us. This is only compounded by the limitations placed upon a group of volunteers who have had to do everything as an all-consuming ‘spare time’ project for a long time, with changes in life and family pressures.

Suffice it to say that this decision has not been taken lightly and it is only as a last resort that we have deemed it necessary to make this announcement. We would like to publicly thank everyone who has supported the CRS, be it as a volunteer, subscriber or simply gig-goer, and also of course a massive thanks to all of the great bands who have played for us and supported us in numerous ways and which we proudly call friends. Not to mention our Patrons throughout the years, to whom we are massively indebted for their support. Without all of you, we would not have been here as long as we have, that is for sure.

We sincerely hope that we have made at least a small difference over our time, and that this music we all love is stronger for our efforts. There will be a final issue of Rock Society magazine to tie up loose ends and mark a fitting sign-off, while all planned gigs will be honoured and undertaken where at all possible. Anyone with tickets for the upcoming Jump, Tiger Moth Tales, IO Earth, Hayley Griffiths and Mostly Autumn shows need not worry. We will be there to see you as usual! 

Subscribers will be contacted individually and will, of course, be offered refunds on a pro rata basis. We will be in touch in the next few weeks with full details about this.
Thank you all for your support

From all of us at Power of Prog, we want to thank CRS for many years of service and wish them well in any and all future endeavors