Transport Aerian is primarily a studio project. It was created that way back in the days, and its goal is remaining to make the music, the art without boundaries or genre limits, and just saying out loud what we are supposed to say. I must admit, however, me and the fellow musicians who ever worked with the project – different at different times – always enjoyed live shows, the vibe of the people, thinking individuals rather than merely a crowd, witnessing the transmitted message, understanding and comprehending it, feeling it with us right here and now.

 This feeling can’t compare with anything else and the experience of performing and interacting with those who enjoy it is unique and worth keeping it all up even through the hardest times. At this incarnation we have decided that a two-piece line up would provide enough room for experiments, yet make our stage performances more concentrated on the poetry of two musicians interaction and is aimed more to the intimate and listening audiences.

We enjoyed to play quite some shows this year, met many fascinating musicians and music lovers. I know not everyone of those who would love to see us live could attend and that is why we recorded a live album that you can find here. Besides that, we want to share this blog post with you – with some pictures and videos of our performance experiences with our Love.Blood.Live program supporting the album Bleeding this year. I hope you’ll enjoy them just like we did.

Performing at the evening of the poetry

Winter – Live.

LOVE – Live at Castle Arenberg

Hamlet’s live set up

Before the show at Den Artist, Gent

Triangle Town – Live at Den Artist, Gent.

Live at Libertad, Leuven (Picture by Jan Michiels)

Live at Durango Sessions (picture by Marc Haselaars)

Nightsky – Live at Durango Sessions

Before the interview on Radio Benelux

Preparing for more shows at the rehearsal spot

Stefan Boeyken’s loop-based Float, live at Castle Arenberg

Stage view during sound check at Castle Arenberg, Leuven

Inspire – Live at Castle Arenberg, Leuven.

The story continues, keep tuned and soon we’ll have something more to show you!