Dear friends, music lovers and random passers by!

As the hype of Christmas holidays and New Year’s subsides, as most of you, I return to the routine, as well as coming back to the rails of the public space. The pervious year has just finished, and a lot of gloomy and dark news have come with the loss of too many genius artists at the same short period, but even with the burdens of these events, retrospectively, 2015 was full of musical and artistic, dark and light – peaks for many. Now, when the year has just finished, I consider to be a right time to give you some insight to what was going on in the narrow spotlight surronding my persona to those who care, and share some of the plans for the nearest future.

There are quite a bunch, some of which for those of you who prefer keeping eyes open for the new musical experiences might be interesting to follow. But before going down with the expanded descriptions of the blissful domain of ideas and plans, I would love to thank you for your direct or indirect support. It has brought Transport Aerian to the point which I, despite secretely aiming for, never imagined to really achieve. Our most recent studio album Darkblue has obtained overwhelmingly positive critical response, and was featured in various Year’s Top lists, including Top 2015 by Progarchives. This would not have happened without your help.

I, however, prefer to look forward, rather than backwards, so let me share some news of the incoming projects I’m involved in.

Besides one relatively global project that is currently on the early stages of development and that I shall keep under the hat until the late spring 2016, there are two other musical journeys in which I’m taking a part.

First – and very exciting one is the project is under the leading of our label brother, italian multi-instrumentalist Marco Ragni. I’ve been following his works for a while and liked them a lot, so when the idea of a collaboration with him has been brought up, I didn’t think twice. For his incoming album “Land of Blue Echoes” Marco teamed up with a group of other musical free thinkers, including Peter Matuchniak, Colin Tench, Jeff Mack, Vance Gloster, myself and the vocal goddess Durga McBroom, who was one of the original female vocalists featured on many Pink Floyd albums and live shows. The album is scheduled to be released by MRR on 16 March 2016 and I am really looking forward to it, as most of Marco works are marked by inpecable quality and musicantship.

The second major involvement that particularly kept me busy during the last half of 2015 is Fabulae Dramatis. With their new work, this rather exotic avant-metal project has stepped from once a small home-grown curiosity to the full-band extravaganza with the production of a very considerable size. With the shards of the international line up and a core based in the same country as I’m and impressive resources invested, this project have managed to give a birth to quite an curious album, in which I played the humble role of a bass-player and a singer – alongside with 3 other vocalists. I’ve also written 2 songs for them. The release date has not yet been made public and I, being but a guest musician can only know so much about their further plans, but I’ll definitely announce it once I know more myself.

The year has been full of exciting work, lows and highs – just like any art should be. And I assume the best I could wish for is to keep this new year in the same active pace.

Let’s keep doing it this way.