Dear random myspace surfers, music lovers and progressive rock fans!

Transport Aerian as my one-man project is slowly coming back to life after almost 2 years of dreamless sleep. We have lost many traces with our former listener-base, and we are aware how difficult it is to recreate what once was abandoned. In any case, this page, this music and everything about this project have always been a spoken or sang word of a soul, and currently I feel a rush of ideas, shaping into new music.
Therefore – for those who already knows us – welcome back, and stay in touch – soon some musical news are going to come to live. For those who randomly found us – well, check our old material, fool around and see, may be you’ll find something for yourselves… and meanwhile, I’m glad to announce – Transport Aerian, in its best shape is coming alive again. Where will it lead? Who knows.

Hamlet Transportinae.