Dear friends, music lovers and random passers by!

Today we’re getting once step closer to the release date of Transport Aerian’s incoming musical and poetical experience of Darkblue. Now with a lot of excitement we can announce that most of the technical work has been finished, and everything concerning the artwork and design is now successfully put together. There was a considerable struggle with the search of a matching visual artist, but the solution has found itself unexpectedly, as it appeared that the album’s main collaborator Rachel Bauer had, besides quite impressive vocal capabilities, a considerable talent in visual artistry. A combination of my concepts, Rachel’s works and a little help of a visual creativity by Jess Telmatt resulted in a set of great visuals, photographs and artwork that are to be implemented in the different dimensions of album’s existence.

Just like Bleeding, the physical release of Darkblue will contain unique artwork for each song including lyrics provided on every pagr of the booklet, and  a plenty of artwork will be used to form a matching atmosphere on all of the web pages related to Transport Aerian.

A second exciting announcement is that we are opening an  official website very soon, which besides all the obvious advantages and perks, will also feature a mailing list and I can already promise a very special treat for those who will be the first to inscribe to it!

Finally, to tease you even more, we decided to reveal the album cover artwork today!
Keep tuned, you’ll hear a lot more from us soon.
Kind regards, Hamlet,
Transport Aerian Project.