It is time for a very exciting update!

 As you probably already know, I have started working on the new album. So, to be short, there are some facts that I’m already ready to share with you!
 – It will be a conceptual album, with an actual story, which is to be unveiled throughout the 8 musical pieces, representing the different points of view on certain events. Which? I will reveal it later. Or maybe not.
 – While most of the instrumental parts and all the production work I will handle myself, this album will feature a very special guest musician, whose participation will represent one of the crucial characters of the storyline
. – It is going to be slightly more intimate and haunting soundwise, yet staying on this dark edge, by which Transport Aerian’s music is recognized.
– The release date is not set, but it will be the late 2015, on Melodic Revolution Records and will be available world-wide.

– The album title is Darkblue. And here is the first video spoiler.