Hi everyone!  Happy, proud and super excited to share my new song Born To Love” with you today

Story of surrender.  Day 1, I thought we had the “perfect” vocal after comping. The next day, after singing passionately for 5 hours, the producer said to me to sing one last take.  I said “sure” to humor him, though thinking “there’s no way we can use it, I’m too tired.”  So I let go, stood there singing effortlessly, easily, naturally, without trying.  I got out of my own way, allowing the song to speak, my soul to speak.  When I opened my eyes, thinking everyone would say it’s a throwaway vocal, instead they said “that was a Grammy-Award winning performance!” Stunned, I listened back, and realized magic had flowed, when I surrendered, letting go of getting an “amazing vocal.”  This live vocal became our final vocal.  I learned sometimes “magic” is better than “perfect.”  I trust the magic now.

You can download / stream Born To Love” here!

If you’re touched by this song, please share it on social media or email to friends. Please include this link in the message smarturl.it/Born2Love  Thanks!

I genuinely hope you enjoy “Born to Love.”  “We were born of the stars, we were born of dust.  Honey you and I, we were born to love.” 

sheri  xo