Sympho-disco metal band STORYUM have announced a deal with Musicarchy Media to release their sophomore album ‘We Are The Fire’ in Fall and manage the band.

STORYUM have been formed in 2006 by JJ (guitars), who was later joined by childhood friend, Ness, on drums, Tie on bass and the mesmerizing vocals of Raw. STORYUM succeeded in combing powerful metal riffs with disco-electro parts, symphonic moments and pop choruses – the result is a unique STORYUM sound. In 2011, the band released debut album ‘Insomnia’ via Ravenheart Music.

Now the band is ready to unveil ‘When The Storm Comes’, a track from the upcoming full-length ‘We Are The Fire’. Watch below:

STORYUM is also working on shows for the Fall in collaboration with Musicarchy Media. Like their music, their shows will be far from ordinary – a real 360° live experience for the audience, with dancers and more surprises