Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the release of Shadows, the new album from Swedish progressive rock ensemble Introitus, on June 14th ​2019.

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the release of Shadows, the new album from Swedish progressive rock ensemble Introitus, on June 14th 2019.

The long-awaited sequel to 2014’s critically acclaimed album AnimaShadows sees the band honing their trademark contemporary progressive sound.

Introitus mix their Swedish folk heritage and elements of traditional progressive rock to create a unique musical sound.

Anna from Introitus said: “Introitus has always been well received by the UK progressive rock audience, so releasing our new album Shadows at BEM feels like coming home for us”

“It’s lovely to welcome Introitus to the BEM family”, says David Elliott, BEM’s Label Manager. “I’ve been in contact with Anna and Mats since seeing them play at Summer’s End a few years back.Progressive rock mixed with folk elements has always been one of my favourite combinations, andthis is a band that does it really well”.

Shadows will be released on CD and download, with pre-orders available soon.

Formed in Sweden in 1999 by keyboard player and composer Mats Bender, Introitus are very much a family affair, with Mats’ wife Anna on vocals, and their son Mattias on drums with daughter Johanna on chorus vocals. They are joined by Par Helje on lead guitar andDennis Lindkvist on bass and new member (and partner of Mattias) Linnea Syrjala joining them on flutes, accordion and additional keyboards.

They have previously released three acclaimed albums 2007’s FantasyElements in 2011 and their most recent release Anima from 2014. Their performance at the Summer’s Endfestival in 2015 was widely acclaimed.

Their first release on Bad Elephant Music, Shadows, will see Introitus picking up where they left off with Anima, introducing somewhat darker elements into the music. They mix the wind, and the magic mystery of wild forests of Sweden with hints of 70s progressive rock as they push their musical limits.

Anna had this to say: “The Bad Elephant Music team has from the start been warm and helpful, making our choice for unleashing Shadows on the world an easy one. Releasing our new album with BEM and in the UK feels like coming home for us!”

  1. Belong
  2. Shadows
  3. Beyond Fantasy
  4. Desperation
  5. Figures
  6. My Hero
  7. Awakening

Mats Bender: keyboards
Anna Jobs Bender: lead vocals
Pär Helje: guitar
Mattias Bender: drums and vocals
Dennis Lindkvist: bass
Linnéa Syrjälä: accordian, ocarina, chalumeau and vocals

Martin Jobs: vocal on ‘My Hero’Johanna Bender: vocals
Helena Tenstam: flutes

Recorded, produced and mixed by Mats Bender. Mastered by David Elliott.


Brighteye Brison – V to be released on May 24th

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce that V, the fifth album from Swedish progressive rock quintet Brighteye Brison will be released worldwide on 24th May 2019.

The long-awaited follow up 2011’s Magician’s Chronicles Part 1sees the band returning to their symphonic rock roots, with epic songs featuring complex arrangements with their trademark vocal harmonies.

Linus Kåse from Brighteye Brison said: “I was already a fan of Bad Elephant Music and saw their passion for great adventurous music. It is the perfect fit for Brighteye Brison and it’s gratifying to be a part of their vision”.

BEM’s David Elliott: “I’ve been a fan of the band since I was wowed by Believers and Deceivers, and when Linus approached us last year I was delighted to welcome the guys tothe family”.

will be available on compact disc and download, with pre-orders open soon!

Formed at the turn of the century in Stockholm by Linus Kåse (also a member of Änglagård), Swedish five-piece band, Brighteye Brison have released four acclaimed albums, the most recent being2011’s The Magician Chronicles Part 1.

Their eponymous debut album was released in 2003, followed by 2006’s Stories, which introduced the vocal harmonies and counterpoint arrangements that are integral to the band’s sound.

2008 saw the release of the critically acclaimed Believers & Deceivers, which introduced live favourite The Harvest into their repertoire, and drew comparisons with bands such as Gentle Giant and Yes.

This creative vein followed through to 2011’s The Magician Chronicles Part 1, which further expanded the bands intricate vocal and instrumental arrangements.

During 2018 the band recorded their fifth full-length album V, which will be released by Bad Elephant Music in the first half of 2019.

Brighteye Brison are:

Linus Kåse – keyboards/saxophone/vocals
Per Hallman – keyboards/vocals
Johan Öijen – guitars
Kristofer Eng – bass/vocals
Erik Hammarström – drums

Pre-order V:

The Far Meadow to release ne​w album in April 2019.

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the release of Foreign Land, the new album from London-based progressive rock quintet The Far Meadow on 12th April 2019.

The band’s third album is the follow up to 2016’s highly acclaimed Given the Impossible and sees them honing their unique progressive sound. Featuring five tracks – including the live favourite,Travelogue – Foreign Land raises the bar, and is bound to be one of the prog releases of 2019.

Paul Bringloe, the band’s drummer, said: “this hasn’t been the easiest album to make for all sorts of reasons, but we’re very happy with the result. We’re also delighted to be working with BEM again!”

“I’m sure that all lovers of both tradiational and modern prog will love Foreign Land”, said David Elliott fromBEM. “The songwriting and playing are as exemplary as always, and there’s an energy to the performances which makes this a very compelling album”.

Track Listing

  1. Travelogue
  2. Sulis Rise
  3. Mud
  4. TheFugitive
  5. ForeignLand

Recorded at Meadow Studios, Aubitt Studios and Thin Ice Studios Mixed by Joe Gibb
Mastered by David Elliott
Design by Brian Mitchell

The Far Meadow are:

Marguerita Alexandrou – vocals
Paul Bringloe – drums and percussion Keith Buckman – bass
Eliot Minn – keyboards
Denis Warren – guitars

Foreign Land will be available on Bad Elephant Music on CD and digital download, with pre-orders opening soon.

London-based progressive rockers The Far Meadow were formed in 2012 from the ashes of Blind Panic by keyboard player Eliot Minn, and drummer Paul Bringloe. Their debut album, Where Joys Abound was released later that year. Following the joining of long-time collaborator Keith Buckmanon bass, vocalist Marguerita Alexandrou and guitarist Denis Warren, the lineup stabilised, and joined Bad Elephant Music in 2016 for the release of their highly acclaimed second album, Given the Impossible.

The Far Meadow is very active as a live band, having performed with, among others, Caravan, Carl Palmer, Focus, Gong, and label-mates The Gift, The Rube Goldberg Machine, Konchordat and TomSlatter. They’ve also performed at many festivals, including A New Day Festival, Resonance, HRH Prog and Progtoberfest. They will be making their debut appearance at Summer’s End in Chepstow in October 2019, with more dates to be announced throughout the year.


Bad Elephant Music:

Joost Maglev and his Alter Ego

Following on from 2016’s critically Overwrite the SinAlter Ego sees Joost’s songwriting mature and develop, tackling personal subjects, including his own creative burn out. On this album Joost is joined by a stellar guest list including Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Mark Bogert(Knight Area), Sebas Honing (Equisa) and renowned solo artist Ben Craven. Equisa’s masterof battery Stefan Maas drums throughout the album.

Joost’s music been compared to Queen, City Boy, ABBA, Ayreon, and Kansas – to name but a few. His blend of symphonic rock with melodic sensibilities sits beautifully with the BEM ethos of championing quality, genre-fluid music with a progressive outlook.

Joost said: “When I finished Alter Ego I really wanted to present it to David and BEM first.I’m happy they liked it, and I’m really looking forward to working with the guys to make the new album a success”.

Overwrite the Sin impressed me from the get-go”, says BEM label manager David Elliott.“Alter Ego is a huge step forward in every way – songwriting, performance and production.It’s chock full of tunes that live in the memory long after the CD has stopped playing”.

Alter Ego will be released on March 8th 2019, with pre-orders opening soon!For all PR enquiries contact [email protected]

Bad Elephant Music: @elephantbad

Joost’s music been compared to Queen, City Boy, ABBA, Ayreon, and Kansas – to name but a few. His blend of symphonic rock with melodic sensibilities sits beautifully with the BEM ethos of championing quality, genre-fluid music with a progressive outlook.

Joost’s music been compared to Queen, City Boy, ABBA, Ayreon, and Kansas
  1. ~Lucid 
  2. ANGEL 
  3. Corpus Christi 
  4. Ever After 
  5. Judith ~episode ii~ 
  6. Alter Ego 
  7. Burning Girl 
  8. DEMON 
  9. Dreams~ 

Vocals and instruments by Joost Maglev, with: 

Mark Bogert (5) 
David Clarkson – drums (6) 
Valensia Clarkson – instruments, backing vocals (6) 
Ben Craven – guitars (3, 7) 
Marie Doesburg – vocals (1, 9) 
Annie Haslam – vocals (4) 
Sebas Honing – guitars (4, 7) 
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – guitars (4) 
Stefan Maas – drums (2, 3, 4, 5. 7, 8) 
Joop de Rooij – piano (8) 
Faried Verheul – guitars (2, 8) 

All produced and arranged by Joost Maglev, except track 6 produced and arranged by Valensia Clarkson. 
Mixed by Joost Maglev at Martian Street Studios.
Mastered by David Elliott at The Landing, London, UK. 

The Mid Shires Herald to Rlease ​Debut album Duke 72

The Mid Shires Herald, the debut album from Duke 72- will be released by Bad Elephant Music on 8th February 2019.

The brainchild of Big Hogg’s Justin Lumsden and drummer Jonny Mitchell (Future of Dead Relic Memories, BricolageThe Stranglers) this groovy slice of funky psych was completed whilst Jonny was visiting Glasgow last year. With guest appearances from Justin’s Big Hogg bandmates Ross McCrae and Sophie Sexon, and Lavinia Blackwall (ex-Trembling Bells), Duke 72 evokes the spirit of 1970’s space rock with a Canterbury twist. 

Weekend by the Sea
Rust and Stars
Backbone of a Jellyfish
Oxblood and Rings
Evil Genius
Antique Antiques
Out Of Reach

Justin Lumsden – Guitars , Vocals 
Jonny Mitchell – Drums 
Ross McCrae – Trombone 
Sophie Sexon – Vocals , Flute 
Lavinia Blackwall – Vocals , Piano 
John Cromar – Hammond Organ , Electric Piano
Julia Jeffrey – vocals

All titles Lumsden/Mitchell 

Recorded at Anchor Lane Studios by Luigi Pasquini 
Mixed and produced by Luigi Pasquini and Justin Lumsden 
Mastered by Daniel Bowles  at Seren Sounds Studio 

Front cover – ‘5 of Wands’ by Julia Jeffrey 
Duke 72 sigil by John Lammie 
Design by Brian Mitchell