Djam Karet release the first video Beyond The Frontier from upcoming album A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof

Djam Karet has just finished recording their 19th album, titled “A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof”. No specific release date has been set but plans tentatively the band are thinking about a possible April 2019.

The first video from the album is Beyond The Frontier

The group was formed back in 1984, and this is a celebration of the band’s 35 years together. Featuring all four original members of the group, this is their most melodic and acoustic album so far.

About the album
Combining analog and modular synthesizers with numerous acoustic instruments from around the world, Djam Karet is exploring new territory on this psychedelic journey of discovery. Harmonium, dilruba, mbira, udu and other exotic instruments, help bring a warm vibe to this highly melodic and visionary work. Swirling electronic soundscapes expand to reveal new acoustic environments of exotic goodness. In order to maintain a more lively and dynamic sound, no compression was used in the mixing of this album. Featured guest musicians include Willie Nelson’s son Micah Nelson (from Neil Young’s band) on charango, Todd Montgomery (Fernwood) on sitar, Mark Cook (Herd Of Instinct) on fretless guitar and bass, and Shannon Michael Terry (Primal Future Now) on mbira. With a sound that is a blend of West Coast Psychedelic music, UK Canterbury, and 1970’s Progressive music … this new album is sure to become a fan favorite!

A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof

1 Beyond The Frontier 5:49
2 Long Ride To Eden 5:58
3 West Coast 5:57
4 A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof 11:05
5 Dust In The Sun 3:00
6 On The Third Day Arrived The Crow 4:03
7 Specter Of Twilight 3:27
8 Night Falls 4:58
total time: 44:34

All music composed by Djam Karet Produced, mixed and mastered by Gayle Ellett Recorded at Foggy Mountain Studios in Topanga and White Arrow Studios in Claremont, California Art design: Mike Murray Drum tech: Sebastian Harris

Gayle Ellett: harmonium, dilruba, acoustic & electric guitars, 8 & 4 string tenor ukulele, vibraphone, viola, Greek bouzouki, EBow, upright bass, analog synth, Hammond organ, Mellotron choir, gopichand, tar, mbira, wooden flutes, surmandal, tanpura, cumbus, congas, udu, krakebs, tambourine, bicycle bell, and field recordings

Mike Henderson: electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, slide guitar, synthesizers

Chuck Oken jr.: analog and digital keyboard sequencing and soundscapes, drums Henry Osborne: bass

Mike Murray: acoustic guitar (3), electric mandocello (1, 3)

Todd Montgomery: sitar (1, 2, 6), Irish bouzouki (6)
Micah Nelson: charango (3 & 5)
Mark Cook: electric guitar, fretless guitar, bass (7)
Shannon Michael Terry: Array mbira (5)

For more information please visit us at (C) & (P) Djam Karet / HC Productions 2019 – BMI