Watch The New Video Dead Butterfly Here From The Upcoming Pure Reason Revolution Release Above Cirrus

Pure Reason Revolution recently announced their fifth studio album ‘Above Cirrus’ which will be released on May 6th, 2022 via InsideOutMusic. This is the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Eupnea’, which was the band’s first record since reuniting in 2019. This time around, Jon Courtney, Chloë Alper & Greg Jong (who returns as a full-time members for the first time since the ‘Cautionary Tales For The Brave’ EP) find themselves adapting to a world that is radically changing before their eyes, and on this new record, exorcising the isolation and uncertainty in search of something greater.

The band recently completed their first European tour in nearly 13 years, and ahead of the new album’s imminent release, they have launched a video for the latest track ‘Dead Butterfly’. Watch it now.


Jon Courtney comments: “We started living on some land in Brandenburg in a small primitive hut. It was a  safe place with all that was going on around. We spent a lot of time on our patch in nature & one day my daughter came across an in injured, dying butterfly. She was sorrowful to see it die & we couldn’t help. The track stemmed from that. This thing of absolute beauty, passing away. Then we stumble across a caterpillar. Discovery, creation & life breathes on.

This probably sees us at our heaviest. Bring Me The Horizon meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Fleetwood Mac.”

Watch the previously released videos here:
New Kind of Evil:

Of the recently completed tour, the band commented: “We’re really pleased with how the tour went & still have to pinch myself it was possible after multiple postponements! Fan feedback & interaction is incredibly important; seeing headbanging heads, nodding heads or even just the people that let the music wash over them…whatever type of fan you are, a huge thank you to all that came along & inspired us. As the album release approaches we’re excited to launch ‘Dead Butterfly’ at your ears! Hope you enjoy the track along with the dazzling video from Thomas Hicks. “  

On ‘Above Cirrus’, the band continues many of the musical through lines that fans have come to expect; maintaining a balance between somber reflection and intrepid exploration, leading listeners through a shapeshifting collection of seven tracks that evoke a range of emotions. On the songs ‘Our Prism’ and ‘New Kind of Evil’, the energy reaches magnificent heights of guitar-led catharsis, rivaling the best efforts of acts like Tool and Filter, while offerings in ‘Lucid’ and ‘Dead Butterfly’ meld the group’s keyboard-centric song-structures with vast, epic soundscapes. But, unlike its predecessor, ‘Above Cirrus’ is far from a narrative driven concept record. As Jon confides, each song, while fueled by his personal journeys and the condition of modern times, is truly its own device. Reflecting on the lyricism of the record, he adds:
“Often my writing occupies itself with relationships; how we can be so tender/loving with each other in one instance, days later or even in a few flashes we’re tearing each other apart. The sublime & the savage/vicious. The music reflects this light & shade dynamic shift too. Our world shrinks through lockdowns/restrictions & strain is intensified. However, the end message is one of optimism – affirmation we’ll get to the end of this surreal chapter & be stronger together. Through the turbulence, we’ll help each other through the darkness.”

The album will be released as Limited CD, Gatefold LP+CD & as Digital Download, featuring beautiful cover artwork by artist Jill Tegan Doherty, who previously created the cover for ‘Eupnea’. Pre-order now here:


  1. Side A
    1. Our Prism
    2. New Kind of Evil
    3. Phantoms
    4. Cruel Deliverance
  2. Side B
    1. Scream Sideways
    2. Dead Butterfly
    3. Lucid


  1. Our Prism
  2. New Kind of Evil
  3. Phantoms
  4. Cruel Deliverance
  5. Scream Sideways
  6. Dead Butterfly
  7. Lucid


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