DEWA BUDJANA New Studio Album MAHANDINI Now Available!

Balinese Guitar Maestro DEWA BUDJANA released MAHANDINI a new studio album on MoonJune Records featuring special guest JORDAN RUDESS, MOHINI DEY, MARCO MINNEMANN

DEWA BUDJANA – guitars, soundscapes 
JORDAN RUDESS – keyboards 
MOHINI DEY – bass guitar, konnakol 

Special appearances: 
JOHN FRUSCIANTE – vocals on “Crowded”and “Zone”, and guitar fill on “Crowded” coda 
MIKE STERN – 1st guitar solo on “ILW” 
SOIMAH PANCAWATI – lead vocal on “Hyang Giri” 

Special appearance on the vinyl bonus track: 
DIMAWAN KRISNOWO ADJI – cello on “Mahandini Acoustic” 
ADRIAN MUHAMMAD – vibraphone on “Mahandini Acoustic” 

1. Crowded (feat. John Frusciante) 05:55
2. Queen Kanya 06:59
3. Hyang Giri (feat. Soimah Pancawati) 07:44
4. Jung Oman 06:52
5. ILW (feat. Mike Stern) 06:39
6. Mahandini 08:17
7. Zone (feat. John Frusciante) 05:56

Special appearances: 
JOHN FRUSCIANTE – vocals on “Crowded“and “Zone”, and guitar fill on “Crowded” coda 
MIKE STERN – 1st guitar solo on “ILW” 
SOIMAH PANCAWATI – lead vocal on “Hyang Giri” 

“Queen Kanya”, “Hyang Giri”, “Jung Oman”, “Mahandini Acoustic” composed, arranged and produced by Dewa Budjana (Temple Island Music). “ILW”, “Mahandini” composed and arranged by Dewa Budjana (Temple Island Music), produced by Jimmy Haslip. “Crowded” and Zone” composed by John Frusciante, lyrics by John Frusciante (Niandra La Des Music), and produced and arranged by Dewa Budjana. Mike Stern’s guitar solo part on “ILW” written by Jimmy Haslip (J Haslip LaViera Music BMI). Konnakol on “Queen Kanya” arranged by Mohini Dey & Marco Minneman. Lyrics on “Hyang Giri” written by Soimah Pancawati. Gamelan on “Hyang Giri”: Sang Made Swastama, Bayu Priyanka, Ngakan Agus Suputra, Dika Santika, Sang Made Martawan, Nyoman Pande Anom, Wayan Swastama. 

All tracks recorded by Prashant Aswani at Steakhouse Studio, Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2018. Post production and additional overdubs by Dewa Budjana recorded at Temple Island Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia. Soimah Pancawati vocals recorded by Bintang Indrianto at Coda Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia. Mixed & Mastered by Rich Breen & Jimmy Haslip at Dogmatic Sound, Burbank, CA, March, 2018. 

Dewa Budjana uses exclusively Kiesel guitars and D’Addario strings. Jordan Rudess uses Korg keyboards and GeoShred. Mohini Dey uses Mayones bass, MarkBass amps, GruvGear, S.I.T. strings. Marco Minnemann uses DW Drums, Zidjian cymbals, ProMark signature sticks. 

Studio photos: Randy Edwards. Guitar tech: Thomas Nordegg. Fractal programmer: Rosh Roslin. Musicians & studio coordinator: Kris Clearhout. Album artwoork by Aga Dilaga. 

International release (outside of Indonesia) executive production by Leonardo Pavkovic for MoonJune Music. 

Vinyl edition coordinator Tom Redecker for Shack Media/Freiland.

Hyang Giri Video

CD • $15 +shipping
$10 • HD Download 
LP • $29.95 +shipping (PRE-ORDER, ships late February)


Dewa Budjana To Release “Zentuary” Via Favored Nations

Dewa Budjana

Indonesian guitar legend of Balinese ethnic heritage and balinese Hindu faith – Dewa Budjana – marks his initial Favored Nations release in grandiose style, offering his most ambitious album to date, “Zentuary.” Supported by an all-star cast of enormous proportions – including jazz drums (and occasional pianist) legend, Jack DeJohnette (Miles Davis; over forty years on the ECM label), the iconic progressive bass and stickman, Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel; King Crimson; Stick Men), and the extraordinary superstar sideman talents of Britain’s Gary Husband (Allan Holdsworth; John McLaughlin; Billy Cobham; Jack Bruce) – Budjana offers a profusion of cross-cultural delicacies which tease, cajole, enthrall and, ultimately, satisfy listeners. Special guests include guitarist Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats; Steven Wilson; GPS), Tim Garland (Chick Corea; Bill Bruford), Danny Markovich (Marbin), Czech Symphony Orchestra and Indonesian flutist/vocalist Saat Syah and Indonesian singers Ubiet and Risa Saraswati.

Dewa Budjana, a veteran player whose 30 years career has already been marked by collaborations with a virtual “who’s who” of jazz, fusion and prog luminaries (Peter Erskine, Vinnie Colaiuta, Antonio Sanchez, Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Haslip, Dave Carpenter, Reggie Hamilton, Ben Williams, Joe Locke, Larry Goldings, Janis Siegel, Dwiki Dharmawan, Ron Thal Bamblefoot, Billy Sheehan, and many others), still manages to raise the stakes and elevate the level of his game on his fifth solo album.

Aside from his renowned skills on guitar, Zentuary documents Dewa Budjana’s position as one of the genre’s most prolific, accomplished composers and arrangers. The music on this 2-CD set is a magnanimous affair, where its highly skilled participants are given ample space to create and express. The net result is a soaring, synergistic mélange of brilliant, articulate instrumental progressive rock, jazz-rock fusion and world music. After 4 successful and critically acclaimed releases on MoonJune Records (“Dawai In Paradise”, 2013; “Joged Kahyangan” in 2013, “Surya Namaskar” in 2014″, and “Hasta Karma” in 2015) this is – under the auspices of MoonJune Music and MoonJune Asia – a Favored Nations debut of the Indonesian icon not to be missed!

ALBUM TO BE RELEASED WORLDWIDE ON 1OCTOBER 14, 2016 on Steve Vai’s FAVORED NATIONS label (distributed by RED) (2CD and Digital Distribution) except in Indonesia where album is released by deMajors Records (2CD) and Dewa Budjana / MoonJune Asia (HD Download).

Also available as 3 LP 180 grams gatefold vinyl limited edition released worldwide by Audio Anatomy (Poland).

Album available on Favored Nations in stores wordlwide and online, from October 14, 2016:

Dewa Budjana

1. Dancing Tears 09:11
2. Solas PM 09:18
3. Lake Takengon 07:45
4. Suniakala 08:40
5. Dear Yulman 08:21
6. Crack In The Sky 07:36

1. Pancaroba 08:12
2. Manhattan Temple 10:00
9. Dedariku 10:45
10. Ujung Galuh 07:05
11. Uncle Jack 10:50
12. Zentuary 02:50

DEWA BUDJANA all guitars, soundscapes
TONY LEVIN electric upright NS Design bass (all tunes; except 6 on Disk One and 6 on Disk Two),
Chapman Stick (tune 6 on Disk One)
GARY HUSBAND drums (tunes 1, 2, 4 & 6 on Disk One; 1, 4 & 5 on Disk Two),
keyboards & acoustic piano (all tunes; except 5 & 6 on Disk Two)
JACK DEJOHNETTE drums (tunes 3 & 5 on Disk One; 2 & 3 on Disk Two),
acoustic piano (tune 5 on Disk 2)
DANNY MARKOVICH curved soprano sax (tune 2 on Disk One; 4 on Disk Two)
TIM GARLAND tenor sax (tune 2 on Disk Two)
GUTHRIE GOVAN guitar solo (tune 4 on Disk One)
SAAT SYAH custom made Indonesian suling flute (tune 6 on Disk One; 3 on Disk 2)
UBIET vocals (tune 3 on Disk One)
RISA SARASWATI vocals (tune 6 on Disk One)
CZECH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA conducted by Michaela Růžičková (tune 4 on Disk One; 6 on Disk Two)

(C) Museum Gitarku/MoonJune Asia (P) Favored Nations, 2016

All composition by Dewa Budjana (except ‘Crack In The Sky’ composed by Markus Reuter & Tony Levin).
Produced by Dewa Budjana for Museum Gitarku.
Associated producer Leonardo Pavkovic for MoonJune Asia.
Executive producer IGN Bagus Wijaya Santosa.