Murky Red Release ‘A Protest Song, And Cry-Out Against The Abuse Of Women

Anger, disappointment, disbelief … those were the emotions when a rapist, free as a bird because of our rotten justice system, raped and killed a young lady.

Here in Belgium, rapists and child molesters often go free or get a ridiculous punishment, by far not in proportion to their crimes. It seems it’s o.k. to treat women like garbage. Even worse, this happened many times before and it’s not only a problem in Belgium. 

Worldwide women get oppressed, tortured, beaten, sold, humiliated, enslaved every day. And the ones who have a normal life, a family, and a job, don’t get paid equally compared with a male who does the same job. This is of course many times better than being violated but still, it just isn’t fair. 

World leaders who say it’s no problem to touch women in their private parts without asking first and get away with it don’t help either. ‘No Woman’ can be seen as an old-fashioned protest song. Saying it’s time, the world starts to respect women as it should and punish the violators once and for all. The video clip features people from all around the globe, making a stand together for human treatment of our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and grandmas.

Special thanks to Peter Skov for the footage of Japan and Canada. Supah groovy bass by Petri Lindström. Mastered by Marco Ragni.

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Music and Lyrics Stef Flaming 

Vocals Stef Flaming, Marie Vancamp and Kim Mercken 
Mieke Driesmans as a guest singer 
All instruments Stef Flaming except bass and Drums
Bass Petri Lemmy Lindström
Drums Rene Marteaux

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Marco Ragni / Björn Riis – Carnival of Ghosts – Melodic Revolution Records

As a taster for the new album ‘If’, which will be out in November, Marco has released the single “Carnival of Ghosts” which comes in at a tad under eight minutes in length. As can be seen from the title, on this album he is working with Airbag guitarist Bjorn Riis, and the collaboration has created something which is more dynamic and, in your face, than I would really expect from either of them. Marco’s singing is powerful and aggressive, acoustic guitar holds it all together, the electric guitar and keyboards provide substance while the rhythm section power through at times and go for an espresso at others. Then on top of that there is the sumptuous lead solos from Riis, and I only wish he was this powerful and dynamic with his own band whose last, ‘A Day At The Beach’, suffered from lack of guitars. That is not the case here, and the song is full of contrasts and style, so much so that it feels so much shorter than it is, as the listener gets brought inside from the very first picked guitar.If this is a sampler for the album, then I am sure it is going to be an absolute killer and I can’t wait to hear the full thing.

5 Stars | Kev Rowland, September 2020


Peter Matuchniak working on solo albums in-between a number of steady projects

Having released four solo albums (2 studio and 2 live), Peter has turned his attention to working with other musicians’ projects and bands such as Kinetic Element (USA), The Steve Bonino Project (USA), Marco Ragni (Italy), Bomber Goggles (USA), Transport Aerian (Belgium), Lobate Scarp (USA), The Steppes (USA), and Gekko Projekt (USA).

“I have a lot of new material, for at least two or three more solo albums, but I wanted to work on other projects to develop myself further as a guitarist and musician. So I took on a lot of session work with several artists around the world covering over 30 songs. At the moment I am finishing up my second album with Kinetic Element – Live in New York and my upcoming 3rd studio solo album.

Peter Matuchniak favors a progressive style of guitar that features melodic solos and graceful chording, clearly influenced by the likes of Steve Hackett (Genesis), Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Andy Latimer (Camel) and Mike Oldfield. Always drawn more to composition and melody above pure technique and over-indulgence, Peter Matuchniak lets sounds and textures guide the music first and foremost.

His compositional style draws from the varied genres he was exposed to at home: a brother into jazz-rock, a sister listening to the latest radio hits, and parents who raised them all on classical music. But the basic element is always progressive rock, and Peter Matuchniak has played with a number of bands in this genre that have garnered attention and reviews, both in London where he grew up as well as in his adopted Southern California home. 

Peter has received enthusiastic reviews from around the world (the latter winning a Grindie Award from RadioINDY). Back in the 1980’s Peter was part of the so-called neo-progressive rock movement with Janysium and Mach One (that were represented by Keith Goodwin, press agent for Yes, Marillion and Rod Argent. He also wrote and recorded jingles in Bombay for commercials that were aired on Indian TV with high-profile artists and accounts, with one such ad winning a CLIO award for public safety.

Solo Album / TBA (2020)
Kinetic Element – Live From New York 2020
Kinetic Element – The Face of Life (2019)
Bomber Goggles – GyreLand (2018)
Marco Ragni – The Wondering Caravan (2018)
Transport Aerian – Therianthrope (2017)
Marco Ragni – Land of Blue Echoes (2016)
Peter Matuchniak –  A Live Destination (2015)
Peter Matuchniak –  A Live Destination Video (2015) Free with CD
Gekko Projekt – Reya of Titan (2015)
Peter Matuchniak –  Destiny (2014)
Peter Matuchniak – Uncovered Live in L.A. (2014)
Gekko Projekt – Electric Forest (2012)
Peter Matuchniak- DVD Uncover Me CD (2012)
Evolve IV – Decadent Light (2007)

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Prolific Italian Artist Marco Ragni Returns with a new album Obscured Behind – Live at Hops

Obscured BehindLive at Hops features sixteen tracks recorded live at HopsRovigo, Italy in October 2017, all the songs have been re-arranged for three guitars. The album is available for preorder here. The physical album will be released worldwide on May 9th and the album will make its debut at the legendary US Art Rock Festival. RoSfest in Sarasota Florida.


  1. The sea of vibes
  2. Ballad of a pleasant place
  3. The light is burning
  4. Beltane
  5. What are we willing to lose?
  6. Skies painted by the wind
  7. Mystical light
  8. Little boy lullaby
  9. La Sierra
  10. Into the wheel of time
  11. Grant me
  12. There’s no one out there
  13. Faint memory
  14. People of the rising sun
  15. Get out of here
  16. Far beyond the line

Marco Ragni: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards programming.
Giovanni Menarello: Acoustic and electric guitar.
Manuel Pasetti: Electric and acoustic guitar, bass

Production Notes
Produced and Mastered by Marco Ragni at Sunflower Studios, Rovigo, Italy
Mixed by Luca Zanetti for Sound Imagine, remixed by Marco Ragni.
Remastered from the original tape at Sunflower Studios – Rovigo, Italy in March 2020.

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Marco Ragni Releases The Sea of Vibes – The Last Live – Single

Italian Psychedelic, Progressive and Folk-rock Composer Songwriter Marco Ragni has just released a lush three-track single, The Sea of Vibes – The Last Live. The three tracks are taken from Marco’s upcoming acoustic live album due out later this year. 

The Single was Recorded live at Hops Rovigo in Italy on October 20th, 2017 Marco says “The Sea of Vibes – The Last Live is a concert for three guitars. Acoustic and electric. No drums”

1. The Sea of Vibes (LIVE) 05:33
2. Faint Memory (LIVE) 02:43.
3. Mystical Light (LIVE) 03:38

The Performers
Marco Ragni: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboards programming Giovanni Menarello: Acoustic and Electric Guitars 
Manuel Pasetti: Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Production Notes
Produced and Mastered by Marco Ragni at Sunflower Studios, Rovigo, Italy
Mixed by Luca Zanetti for Sound Imagine and remixed by Marco Ragni

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