Elfin Bow Releases ‘Rainbows & Gallows’ EP


Artist: Elfin Bow Date of Release: 1st December 2019 (Digital Release) Release Title: Rainbows & Gallows Digital Details: Available as a digital bundle with artwork, booklet, and posters. Available from www.elfinbow.com 

Folk, pastoral folk, psych-folk, alternative, easy listening, pop. 

Rainbows & Gallows Track Listing: 
1. Take Me Out in Your Old Bread Van 
2.  Miles Away 
3. Mother Said 

Watch  Take Me Out in Your Old Bread Van now!

For her first release with PSRElfin Bow (Elizabeth Anne Jones) is unapologetically celebrating the strange bedfellows that are Joy and Tragedy, with three original songs that tell of great love, and the cracks that both promise, and threaten, to break that love wide open. 

Take Me Out in Your Old Bread Van (Time) 
With an accompanying video, reminiscent of full technicolor, DIY 1970’s children’s TV shows, Elfin Bow joyfully reminisces about the days when her parents used to date in an old bread van, dreaming of a large family and a rosy future. A timely launch to mark her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, this up-beat, banjo-driven song is sure to bring a wide smile with every listen. 

Miles Away (Time) 
That moment when you are right next to someone but may as well be a million miles away. Elfin Bow’s desolate piano and haunting harmonies wash wave after wave of tragical lyrics over a waltz that threatens to break your heart, unless… 

Mother Said (Time) 
Described as ‘lyrically astute’ by Shindig Magazine, wordsmith Elfin Bow, takes us on a journey from the knowing look of a newborn to the aging lines of life, long-lived, in this tale of a mother’s deep intuitive wisdom gifted to her daughter. 

Recorded at The Music Mine Studios by Peter Footitt, with production mix and mastering by Gary Lloyd, this release was produced by Gary Edward Jones and Elfin Bow. Featuring on the EP are Daniel J. Logan (percussion), Jon Fellowes (bass), Tom Kitching (fiddle, mandolin), Terry Clarke-Coyne (flute, vocals), Tracey Green (vocals) and Elfin Bow (guitar, piano, banjo, and vocals.) Cover artwork by Elfin Bow, photography by Victor Pennington and design by Tom Woollam. 

Elfin Bow has been making waves within the modern folk scene over the last year and is now releasing her debut three-track EP for PeacockSunrise Records. With songs showing her diverse musical style and wonderful storytelling ability. Her songs are wonderfully inclusive, dynamic, folky, poptastic and basically a load of fun. Just hearing her music always makes me smile, makes me feel warm inside, and somehow always makes me feel loved. No-one else exists, Elfin Bow is talking just to me, telling her stories in her own intimate way, making for a very special listening experience indeed.” 
Kev Rowland, music reviewer and author of The Progressive Underground. 

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Moon Letters signed for RoSfest 2020

We like our homegrown bands at RoSfest. Bringing in good bands from overseas is something of a given for a progressive rock festival but finding and giving opportunities to our own bands is a vital part of being a progressive rock festival as well. To introduce the new and exciting as well as the known and established. In the case of Seattle progressive rock band Moon Letters, one might, to some extent, say that we are fulfilling both of those criteria. 

Set to open on Sunday morning in our coveted Church of Prog spot, newcomers Moon Letters will show the most dedicated parts of our audience what good-quality progressive rock is all about. Taking their cues from both the melodic progressive rock bands of the 70’s and some of the more expressive English bands from the same era, and blending these impulses with contemporary and more explosive details, their brand of old and new progressive rock have caused quite a buzz to build around the band in the two years they have been active. A blazing performance at Seaprog in Seattle in 2019 caught our attention, documenting that they are a very tight live band indeed, and we join in on the international chorus that herald the amazing quality of Moon Letter’s debut album, “Until They Feel the Sun”, a production that will hit many progressive rock top 10 lists of albums released in 2019.

The Church of Prog time slot at RoSfest is reserved for bands that have the talent and potential to become big names in the world of progressive rock. Moon Letters are a worthy addition to the list of bands being given this slot and we are looking forward to seeing them as well as hearing the audience buzz following their performance.

Moon Letters Official Website: http://www.moonletters.com
Moon Letters Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoonLettersBand/
Moon Letters official Band Camp: https://moonletters.bandcamp.com/

In Realed News

Big Big Train signed for RoSfest 2020

As announced at the 2019 edition of RoSfest, Big Big Train will be making their USA debut and is the first band that has been booked for the 2020 edition of the festival. To state that this is an exciting signing for us is probably the understatement of the decade.

Big Big Train has been on our wish-list ever since the festival started way back in 2004, the same year that Big Big Train released the album “Gathering Speed”. The wish for them to come and play at RoSfest has most certainly gathered speed ever since, especially following 2009’s “The Underfall Yard”, which may be described as something of a breakthrough album for the band. Their brand of melodic and distinctly English progressive rock has made the band a must-buy for an ever-increasing audience since then, and that Big Big Train released one fantastic album after the other to this day is, of course, a part of why that is the case.

For the last decade, our audience has made it an annual tradition to request Big Big Train and 2020 is the year when we will make it happen. A long-desired wish, finally fulfilled. Big Big Train will arrive on schedule and headline on May 9th, for a 2-hour performance beginning at 8:00 pm! (Pending permit approval).

Big Big Train official website: https://www.bigbigtrain.com
Big Big Train Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bigbigtrain
Big Big Train Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYl-LJDxj2Uc4Tuc8HgdbUg
Big Big Train Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/big-big-train
Big Big Train Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/68VJJPVAVNAmwsDDf1i70g
Big Big Train Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigbigtrain

RoSfest Festival Dates: May 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2020.

RoSfest ticket update: 

Platinum Tickets go on sale September 13th, 2019. 
Gold Seat Tickets on sale October 18th, 2019.
Regular Seat Tickets go on sale November 22nd, 2019.

Newly Formed US Label PeacockSunrise Records Signs The Sun King Reborn for Debut Album.

PeacockSunrise Records (PSR) is thrilled to welcome The Sun King Reborn to its family for the release of their upcoming debut album “Delta Tales” due out in 2019.

The Sun King Reborn is the solo project of composer, vocalist, and piano player John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas (USA). The music of The Sun King Reborn is filled with memorable hooks, rocking piano, driving rhythms, and a powerful horn section.

The songs will fill your dreams with memories of lost loves warm nights under the magnolia trees, sweet gospel music, and all-night parties at the local honky-tonk.

Steeped deep in the tradition of southern rock, roots music and country soul, John writes songs that are influenced by such classic artists as Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, and Dan Penn, but that are colored by his own musical style.

From poignant country soul ballads to up-tempo classic rock, The Sun King Reborn provides a musical backdrop for the lives of the southern working class. The band are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to “Delta Tales.”

The Sun King Reborn Website: Coming Soon!
Artist Profile Page:

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