American prog rock quartet Thematic share play-through clip for “The Last Boundary”

American prog-rock quartet Thematic released their new album, Skyrunner a few weeks ago on Jan 31st, 2020.

Today, the band are pleased the share a play-through video for the track “The Last Boundary” from the upcoming album, which you can see here:

The band had this to say on the new video:
“We filmed this playthrough video months ago before the album release and shortly after getting the final mixes from Forrester Savell. This was the first song we heard during the mixing process with Forrester. It definitely set the tone for how most of the production would turn out for the Skyrunner album. The Last Boundary is one the more progressive metal tracks on the album with a variety of time signature changes and grooves that will keep you guessing where this song will take you next.”

Producer Forrester Savell on the album:
“Thematic’s new album ‘Skyrunner’ hooked me quickly with its emotive vocal lines and roller coaster dynamics”

You can see previously released videos here:

“Silence in Thought”:


Skyrunner is a concept album that tells of a hero’s quest to honor a promise. It is a tale of an epic journey through the fall from grace, the battle for redemption and the ultimate glory and tragedy of salvation. It is a story of honor and valor, of a tormented soul and his quest to restore the light of hope and love to a world and soul consumed by darkness. It is a story of a promise kept.

1. Incarnate
2. Skyrunner
3. The Open Arms of Grace
4. Dirt and Chains
5. The Last Boundary
6. Silence in Thought
7. Abyss
8. Malice
9. Carry The Fire
10. Solitude
11. Universe Bloom
12. With Empty Hands
13. Falling Star
14. This Golden Day

Skyrunner was self-engineered by Thematic and mixed and mastered by award-winning producer, Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Animals as Leaders, Twelve Foot Ninja, I am Giant)

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Thematic is… Kevin Samuel/Nate Buesching /Ryan Schmidt /Adam Cesarz

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