Darrel Treece-Birch Announces The Stand as 2nd Video From Healing Touch

Darrel Treece-Birch has chosen The Stand as the second video release from the album Healing Touch released October 27, 2017. The Stand represents that which we achieve against the greatest of odds, finding the inner strength that only the soul can muster. The gravitas of the journey and the magnitude of the achievement can only be captured in imagery which we can all relate. A child of the space age, Darrel simply and with great elegance takes us on a journey to space to look upon our home, humanities “stand” against gravity. Each of us is on a journey, and though we find ourselves moving in our own time, and to the beat of our own drum we find commonality for at some point we stood fast, and we held strong; to defy that which tried to hold us back from our great potential. Healing Touch is an album that speaks of a journey to renewal with the pivotal moment being – The Stand.

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