Within Temptation launch new video We’re living in a Mad World!

We’re living in a Mad World!

Sharon: “When we wrote the song, it felt as if we were in a rollercoaster. There was another terrorist attack in the world and at the same time there was a lot of things happening in our personal lives. Sometimes all these things happen at the same time and you are like: I don’t understand this world anymore! That’s what’s ‘Mad World’ all about”.

From the album RESIST a new record on vinyl is coming soon! 

2 LP – Vinyl Album

Vinyl 1
01 | The Reckoning
02 | Endless War
03 | Raise Your Banner
01 | Supernova
02 | Holy Ground

Vinyl 2
01 | In Vain          
02 | Firelight        
03 | Mad World
01 | Mercy Mirror              
02 | Trophy Hunter

Order RESISThere.