Dear friends, music lovers and even random passers by!

My personal project’s new album is completely ready. It will be available in August, both in digital and physical forms. Now, having not only poetic, music but also the visual part in my hands, I am willing to share with you some of the insights of what is that all about, making a statement as I am still of this old-fashion kind of musicians who believe in the meaning of word said or of music. As I prefer to record all the parts by myself, and I exclusively produce my works on my own, avoiding working with the other producers, I am incapable of dealing with visual side. This time, just as all the other times, I was lucky with having the right person by my side in this war. Visuals were mastered by two beautiful ladies, Zoe Parton took care of all the photoshoots and amazing artist Tanja Bogocharova made all the concepts and created absolutely astonishing visuals, filling every song I made with harsh colorful images and widening the range of the ideas I implied. As usual, I’ll keep all the recording and mixing techniques behind the stage – those are of interest only for a very limit amount of listeners, who can always contact me personally, if interested. Let me speak of the songs, of the concepts and of the ideas.
                BLEEDING album is semi-conceptual, which means, I do not follow one certain storyline but all the songs represent a period of life, a state of mind. You can call it too lyrical or subjective, but I refuse to consider art as a dancing with the flute of the crowd. Album has 10 unique musical pieces, self-penned investigations, merging many musical and poetical genres, this time I experimented a lot with jazz, ambient and even included some avant-garde pieces. Most of the topics are touching such matters as love, which we try so hard to destroy in this world, as realization of what have we all lost in this trip through the years, of how we destroy each other and surroundings for the sake of easy money, greed and ghostly ideas which all grab us by the throat and hold is from what we really mean to be. It has my first and only attempt to make a love song, which turned out to be a 10-minutes progressive-oriented epic Inspire, very vulnerable and sincere requiem  Triangle Town, which is possibly the most personal exposure I’ve ever dared to create, as well as less complex, song-based creations such as Fog Vision or Winter. I experimented with many musical entities and I am sure, you will understand what I’m talking about when you’ll be listening to what I am presenting.  Each song is followed by a visual, included in the colored 12-pages booklet, which will be provided with the physical copies. The release will be very limited, as I’m aware that even the most dedicated listeners nowadays  possibly would prefer to close their eyes on this piece, but those who are truly open-minded will have an opportunity to hold an actual physical copy in their hands, enjoying the conceptual art and high-quality music, rather than just checking the digital version online, letting the art die.
                Music must remain eclectic. There is no point in operating within one genre, and bordering oneself by such. With this album, I state that the emotion, the spirit is of the first importance. The rest is on you. And I believe, the shout in the desert will be heard.



Kind regards,


Transport Aerian Project