Progressive rockers THE FLOWER KINGS released their highly successful studio double-album ‘Waiting For Miracles’ on InsideOutMusic in November 2019, played a European tour in December, and will embark on the Cruise to the Edge in late March. Widely met with critical acclaim, ‘Waiting For Miracles’ offers complex and intricate compositions, which also profit from drummer Mirkko DeMaio’s impressive performance and style.

He now invites you to check out his playthrough of the epic ‘Miracles For America’ and states:
“I’ve recorded this the week right before leaving for Japan for two concerts with The Flower Kings, which have been a huge success! ‘Miracles For America’ is probably the most tricky song of the album ‘Waiting For Miracles’, but it has been for me the most easy to record because, in a total honest way, I’ve practiced this more hehehe…

It’s an edited version (basically I’ve took off a short ‘atmosphere’ part where there’s no drums, just to save a little time) and my drumming is slightly different from the album version, indeed it has more my live approach to it. Enjoy!”

Waiting For Miracles’ is available as 2CD, Gatefold 2LP + 2CD & as digital album.
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27th March – 1st April – Cruise To The Edge, Miami – Carribean
3rd April, Polyvalente de Charlesbourg, Quebec City, Canada
4th April, Theatre Plaza, Montreal, Canada

Press on “Waiting For Miracles”:
“Lavish, kinetic, dynamic, majestic, catchy, complex, desolate, happy and yes, revitalised, ‘Waiting For Miracles’ is all you would expect from a genuine return to form by one of Prog’s most influential and monumental names.” –

“If you’re a fan of his old-school heroes – Genesis, Yes, Floyd, even Procol Harum – this is high-grade methadone.” – Prog Magazine